Letter to the editor: The gun problem

To the editor:

The NRA tries to make us believe that the problem is about “school safety.” It is not.

The problem is mass murders by angry white men wielding weapons of mass destruction. In schools, churches, nightclubs, concerts, movie theaters and crowds under hotel windows; in short, any place where large numbers of people gather together.

The NRA’s “solution,” which even it cannot possibly believe, is to arm teachers. A pistol is no match for an AR-15. You have to aim a pistol. You just spray with an AR-15. If an armed teacher, minister, ticket seller, bouncer, usher or member of a crowd were close enough to the shooter to “take him on,” by the time the “good guy” realized what was happening, took out his or her gun and carefully aimed so as not to harm anyone but the “bad guy,” he or she would be dead. The NRA knows that. It just wants more gun sales.

People can and sometimes do survive a gunshot wound from a pistol. But one shot from an AR-15 can completely obliterate an entire organ. There is no surviving that.

Kansas farmers do not need military-grade assault weapons to protect their families. Hunters do not need them. Marksmen certainly do not need them.

The only civilians who need these weapons are mass murderers. The NRA knows that, too.