Letter to the editor: Consultant frenzy

To the editor:

In response to the recent article “City leaders considering the future of downtown”: More consultants? When are people going to learn, more consultants always means more money spent for what? Why is it the city always likes to hire consultants for thousands of dollars to pursue some pet project that would cost them thousands cheaper if they would ask the best consultants around, the people of Lawrence, and those who own or operate businesses downtown and elsewhere in the city?

I am convinced that the city folks down at City Hall and other city elites that belong to their little club like to hire consultants to tell them what they want to hear. Someone who will tell them how to get what they want despite what the people who live, work and spend hard-earned money want. You wait — they will hire some consultant for several thousands of dollars, then they will bulldoze something that’s near and dear to many hundreds if not thousands of Lawrence residents, then pass off the bill to you and me, and all for something that only a few will want, use or appreciate.