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Hundreds of Free State students stage walkout in protest of school shootings

Several hundred Free State High School students protest gun violence in schools by walking out of class, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. Students, who returned to school for the first time since learning of a shooting threat made by a classmate on social media, held signs with the names and ages of the 17 victims of the recent school shooting in Florida.

Several hundred Free State High School students protest gun violence in schools by walking out of class, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. Students, who returned to school for the first time since learning of a shooting threat made by a classmate on social media, held signs with the names and ages of the 17 victims of the recent school shooting in Florida.

February 21, 2018, 12:04 p.m. Updated February 21, 2018, 5:22 p.m.


More than 400 Free State High School students walked out of classes Wednesday morning in protest of gun violence in schools, including the mass shooting exactly one week ago at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The protest was part of a national response to the Feb. 14 tragedy in Parkland, where former student Nikolas Cruz is suspected of fatally shooting 17 people, most of them teenagers.

On Wednesday at 10 a.m., the Free State students walked out of classes and gathered outside the main entrance to the school, which has an enrollment of 1,758. The crowd then stood in silence for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims in the Florida shooting. Many students carried signs bearing handwritten pleas for gun control: “Protect kids not guns,” “Enough is enough” and “Kids should learn reading not hiding.”

Another simply said, “We could be next.”

That “terrifying” thought is what motivated Jaylee Getten to participate in Wednesday’s walkout, the Free State senior said. Lawrence police investigated an “indirect threat” allegedly made via Snapchat by one Free State student earlier this week. The Snapchat post, details of which have yet to be disclosed publicly, was reportedly a threat to shoot people at the school.

The Douglas County District Attorney's Office confirmed Wednesday that it has received the case from Lawrence police and that it is under review for a charging decision.

“I don’t ever want that to be me or my classmates,” Getten said of a potential shooting. “Something needs to change.”

Margaret Uhler, a Free State senior, agreed.

“I think you don’t expect it to happen to you, and then just days later, we had a threat,” said Uhler, who also worries about the increasing number of states that allow the concealed carrying of firearms on college campuses.

There are at least 10 states, including Kansas, that permit concealed carry at postsecondary institutions. That’s a concern to Uhler, who plans on entering college next fall.

“I shouldn’t be expected to wear a bulletproof vest just to get my education,” Uhler said.

Some students, like junior Lauren Griffin, said they walked out of classes Wednesday to send a message to lawmakers: No more school shootings. Griffin said she wants to see a change to our nation’s gun laws.

She feels it’s the best way to honor the victims and survivors of last week’s violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“I think those kids deserve to be respected and shown that we care,” Griffin said. “Even if the people in charge refuse to show their respects to them, we will.”

Dozens of students participated in similar protests Wednesday at Lawrence High School, Principal Matt Brungardt said.

Between 30 and 40 students staged a walkout for 17 minutes starting at 10 a.m., Brungardt said, followed by another 17-minute walkout at 11 a.m. Brungardt said 65 to 70 students, plus one teacher, walked out of classes and read a statement, “similar to what happened at Free State.”

During lunch, another group of students created signs “protesting gun violence and supporting the students in Florida,” Brungardt said. That group, which started with around 10 students, had grown to about 30 over the next two lunch periods, Brungardt said, with the students continuing to sit in the school’s rotunda well into the afternoon.

In addition, around 20 students at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School staged a similar protest Wednesday morning.


Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Good for them.

So inspiring to see these young people refuse to let the NRA and Russian propaganda on gun rights define the debate anymore.

Brett McCabe 2 months ago

And every eligible voter in the Senior Class this spring and in the fall needs to follow this up with real action at the booth.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago're suspended

Dani Davey 2 months ago

I would take that First Amendment case.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

why don't you try staging a walkout where you work and see what happens. You can cry "First Amendment" on your way to the unemployment office

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

You're not legally required to attend work like you are school.

Totally different things.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

The courts have repeatedly ruled that students rights can be abridged if they are disruptive to the education process.

Nancy Hamilton 2 months ago

The first amendment protects you and your right to use your free speech from reprisals from the government and governmental institutions (like public schools). Privately owned companies and other NGOs can fire you if your free speech offends their sensibilities.

This has been a free civics lesson brought to you by the parent of a child currently acing her civics class.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

You made his point, nice job. Your child is acing civics, you no.

Ed Bailey-Mershon 2 months ago

We live in a free society, we do no work in a free society.

Brian D. Moss 2 months ago

Staging a walkout at work is called a strike -- and most of us can thank the labor movement for 40-hour work weeks, health insurance, safe working conditions, and the fact that kids are in school rather than working for pennies a day in factories and coal mines.

Kevin Anderson 2 months ago

As I agree with the protest (Lauren Griffin is family, and I am proud of her to no end), the First Amendment gives you the right to protest, it does not protect you from consequences. The consequences could include being fired from a job or suspended from school. However, with that said, I hope they do not get suspended.

Mary Darst 2 months ago

So proud of the kids for doing this. We need to do something and I feel pretty sure that it won't be our state or national government. Everyone needs to get involved. I say Gun Control Now!!!

Richard Aronoff 2 months ago

Perhaps they should be demonstrating outside the school psychologist's office.

Justin Hoffman 2 months ago

I wonder if they will have a walkout tomorrow to protest all the teens killed from underage drinking, which kills far more teens each year than school shootings.

Greg Cooper 2 months ago

You wouldn't support that either, now, would you, Justin?

Dale Miller 2 months ago

I would would you or are you only interested the hot topics of the moment?

Aaron McGrogor 2 months ago

Kids choose to imbibe, they do not choose to be shot down.

Mike Wasikowski 2 months ago

Whataboutism is the last defense of scoundrels and propagandists.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months ago

Just more gaslighting from from the conservatives.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Protest, angry rhetoric but no solutions

Banning guns is not a solution because it is unconstitutional to ban all guns and a narrow ban is ineffective (CA and CT ban assault weapons and didn’t work there). Plus, bans are hard to pass legislatively.

Instead of pushing the same old failed narrative they should be pushing meaningful change. Fund the FBI so they can do background checks, take action when people indicate they may harm others, put people with mental illnesses into the background check database and make it a crime not to report the, to it. Fund more mental health access that is affordable.

Start speaking out against movies, music and other media that glamorize violence. Send the message violence in any form is unacceptable.

Let’s change our culture so we value life instead of glorifying violence.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

"Banning guns is not a solution"

To paraphrase, 'that solution that works nearly every place it's tried isn't a solution because I don't like it'.

The 2nd Amendment is an archaic legacy of a time that doesn't exist anymore and it's time to change it. Come join the rest of us in the modern world.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Dan either your reading comprehension sucks or you are just not bright enough to counter what I wrote. You can’t do a ban because a total ban is unconstitutional and a narrow ban is easily defeated by retooling, renaming or just using a different weapon.

Now tell me how a a ban is a viable solution in this country?

Brett McCabe 2 months ago

First, interpret the constitution as it was written, not as you wish it was written. Second, amend it. Third, begin passing reasonable gun laws and let the NRA spend its endowment fighting it. Fourth, the way to change the culture is to start with protests, angry or otherwise, start passing laws, take guns from cowards (pretty much any civilian who carries one), tax them heavily, take bullets, etc., etc. You don't change a gun-loving culture with a single knock-out punch. You have to beat it into submission, because simple minds cling to simple-minded ideas.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Brett, did you really just write interpret as it was written not as I wish it was written? Too funny. My interpretation has nothing to do with anything. The SCOTUS’ interpretation is all that matters.

Tell me a reasonable gun law that would have stopped the FL murders. If it is reasonable and Constitutional I can support it.

How are you going to Constitutionally take guns from civilians. Details please.

Why haven’t you or anyone else started a movement to amend the 2nd amendment. Seems to me that would be your best option.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Repeal the 2nd and stop living like it's the 1700s.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

We couldn’t get the ERA passed but you’re going to repeal the 2nd amendment? You do know what it takes to amend the Constitution and with the red blue makeup of states you think it is doable? Good luck.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

An attempt to repeal the 2nd will result in a Red State/Blue State civil war

William D'Armond 2 months ago

And who would win that war, the side with or without firearms?

Aaron McGrogor 2 months ago

The side with the military backing it.

Andrew Dufour 2 months ago

Just a thing to keep in mind, the last time teenagers got involved in the process we amended the constitution to give 18 year olds the right to vote. Not saying it's easy or will happen, just don't automatically discount the effectiveness of our youth.

Bob Smith 2 months ago

Changing the voting age didn't infringe the rights of tens of millions of Americans.

Andrew Dufour 2 months ago

If the constitution is amended the right is gone, it's a paradox.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Good point.

It was, however, hard to argue against that change. Old enough to die for their country but no old enough to vote is a very compelling rallying cry.

Who knows, maybe it can be done.

Aaron McGrogor 2 months ago

It's really not. It's the same argument against lowering the drinking age. Old enough to die for their country, but not old enough to drink.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

If it comes to that I say let them leave then.

The old confederate states have been a drag on our progress since the Civil War. Good riddance.

That said, I think you vastly overestimate how effective your AR 15 is going to be against the US military.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

You think the military is going to side with Blue States? lol

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

You think the military is going to murder American's over your right to own a rifle?

William D'Armond 2 months ago

Because you lived in the 1700's? I think you are oxygen deficient. Breathe.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Yes, the 2nd Amendment is an archaic legacy of a time that doesn't exist anymore. Take away all the firearms!!!

Just look at the loving peace all experienced when the government finally got rid of these guns in their society.

Stalin's Russia, The Jews and Hitler, heck, just look what it's done for the American Indian.

Nancy Hamilton 2 months ago

And look at the shocking governmental oppression in Australia - oh wait.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

The Aboriginal people might disagree.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Yet again, the gun defense is pointing at the world as it was in the 1700s.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

You're right. Syria would be much better if they'd just give up their weapons to their dictator.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

I wouldn't trade the United States for nothing. You seem happier in Australia.

Andrew Dufour 2 months ago

Take a look at how those gun confiscation programs actually worked. It wasn't whole sale gun buy back programs. Stalin and Hitler took guns away only from their enemies and armed their allies. That's not what people are suggesting here.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Their enemies were their citizens.

Ed Bailey-Mershon 2 months ago

Agreed. On the other hand, countries that ban gun gun ownership do not have school shootings and still have graphic violence in media.

William D'Armond 2 months ago

I am glad to see young people exercise their first amendment rights to have a voice in our society. Lets hope that carries over into adulthood. Blatently screaming "Gun Control" is not going to solve anything. Criminals are always going to find ways to skirt the law and get their hand on weapons, regardless of the fact that their are leagal or illegal. Taking guns away from Americans will only worsen the culture of mass shooting, home invasions, etc...

School shootings didn't start until the media glorification of Columbine. These kids that are performing these evil and hate filled acts are doing so, knowing that everyone in the world is going to know who they are, because every major news outlet is going to feed on it.

Just because you were not raised around firearms, are not comfortable with them, or feel threatened by them does not make them bad or offensive. It does not make my right to own, carry or shoot my firearms a problem. The firearms are only a tool for an evil act. If it weren't a gun, it could be a knife. If not a knife, it could be a shovel. If not a shovel it could be posion in food. People who intent to do harm, will find a way to do harm. The solution is not to remove the rights of those that leagally do it the right way.

Rick Masters 2 months ago

"School shootings didn't start until the media glorification of Columbine."

Annnnnnd scene...

Steve King 2 months ago

A ban would not be unconstitutional. We did it in 1993. Try again.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Steve, I am assuming you’re referring to me, but if not I apologize.

We didn’t do a total ban, we did a narrow ban and it wasn’t effective. Mass murders still happened, manufacturers modified weapons to get around it and criminals just used different weapons. Ban all rifles and you’d still have thousands of mass shootings each year. Had one on Mass street just recently and no rifle was used.

I distinguished between a total ban and a limited ban in my post - so in your words, try again.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Nobody claimed it would stop all mass shooting.

The previous assault weapons ban DID decrease the number of mass shootings though:

Banning isn't the only thing that bill did, of course, but it was the most important part...and it worked.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

So if we were to ban AR style rifles (I assume you mean all scary looking rifles since the AR-15 is just one of many), what do you propose about the several million already in private hands?

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Grandfather in their ownership just like the last assault weapons ban did for the time being, with aggressive buy-back programs that destroy them.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

I could live with that as long as the buy-back aren't mandatory

Brock Masters 2 months ago

No one except the news station uses 10+ to define a mass murder. They choose that number to fit their story.

“The FBI doesn't have a definition for mass shooting, but it does have one for mass murder. It defines mass murder as "four or more victims slain, in one event, in one location."

Congress defines a mass killing as "three or more killings in single incident."

Most outlets seem to use these definitions as a guideline.

For example, Mother Jones defines a mass shooting as one where the attacker(s) kill four or more other people. However, The Gun Violence Archive expands its definition to include people who are injured.

9NEWS decided to look at mass casualty shootings a different way.

Because the incidents driving the debate involve entire crowds or groups being attacked, we chose to focus on incidents in which 10 or more people were wounded in gunfire since 1984.”

Not suggesting that they did anything wrong - it is interesting and they were up front about their approach. Just wonder what the numbers would look like if we used Congress’ definition.

Here is the deal. Show me a law that will be effective in reducing murders and gun violence that only reasonable restricts my right to own a gun and I will support it. I won’t support a law that unreasonably restricts my rights and doesn’t little to stop murders.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Lol, I love it.

When gun nuts don't like data they dismiss it. Often for contradictory reasons.

When data is being shown for purposes of highlighting the number of shootings being too high, you guys quibble about things you don't think should be considered a mass shooting or factored into gun stats.

When it's the same data but being used to show a drop in the events, suddenly that definition isn't valid either....but in the OPPOSITE direction.

It's almost like you are intellectually dishonest and reject anything you don't like as false.

Oh wait, that's exactly what you're doing.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Always with the name calling. Very immature.

I did not dismiss their dará - in fact I said it was interesting. And wondering what the data would look like with the Congressional definition is not dismissing their work either.

Dan you accuse me of being intellectually dishonest but that perception stems from your inability to comprehend what is written. How is saying the data is interesting dismissing it?

I even went as far as saying they did nothing wrong in using a different definition than the more common ones.

Show some maturity by debating an issue based on what people actuall say.

Greg Cooper 2 months ago

I'm interested, Brock, in what a reasonable restriction on your gun rights might be, in your opinion. Defining that would go a long way, I believe, in a reasonably crafted set of regulations that would make a reasonable dent in the incidences of "mass killings", however they might be defined. Please, I'm not being snarky or snide. You've hit upon what I think is the sticking point in this whole debate. Thanks.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Okay, there you have it..... I'm sold.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

I'm proud our local kids are active within our community. It is just as important to be well informed in as many of the aspects of a problem while forming your position. Solving a problem isn't as simple as, just do something. It needs proper direction. If this is not respected you will result in feel good laws which solve nothing.

  1. The mentally troubled shooter in Florida purchased a firearm legally.
  2. The school wouldn't allow him on campus with a backpack because he had threatened students. He came on campus with a gun and that backpack.
  3. Local police went to his home 39 times in a one year period.
  4. The FBI didn't follow up on reports related to this shooter.
  5. A psychologist deemed this shooter to be a threat to himself but not a threat to others.

How did all these things happen?

What happened with SEE SOMETHING-SAY SOMETHING...... How many responsible groups let that one fall through the cracks by not DOING something?

Don't be far sighted. While we're looking at the shooting in Florida, don't forget what's happening right here at your own Lawrence doorstop.

Just the other day we had an individual armed with a hatchet at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital threatening citizens and hollering "Shoot Me" at the police. This individual had a hatchet not a gun so is it all about the gun or should we consider mental health?

Earlier in the week we had a 26 year old get pulled over at 1:00 am with a firearm and 1300 rounds of ammo found in his vehicle..... Oh yes, he's a felon. Was that firearm purchased legally or was it acquired on the streets? Can a felon legally possess a firearm? Does this felon care about our laws?

What weapon kills the most individuals annually in the United States?

Just saw a high school protest sign on TV "AM I NEXT". Are our Lawrence schools hardened to the point where we have an effective chance dealing with this problem? If not, DO SOMETHING.

Andrew Dufour 2 months ago

You're right that we need to look at all facets of the problem.

One huge roadblock that would be a good starting point is to remove the ban on using tax dollars to fund gun violence research.

Also, how many people did the guy with a hatchet kill?

Fine, we can agree there is a mental health component but my god there is a weapon component too. It is way easier to kill other people (and yourself) with a gun than with literally any other weapon that is readily available.

One thing that I think does get lost in all of this is that we focus on these galvanizing mass shootings and we ignore that most gun deaths are suicide related. Most suicides are snap decisions and the quickest way to snap kill yourself is with a gun, reducing the amount of guns in circulation would drastically affect our suicide rate, just look at Australia.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Because of our local law enforcement no one was killed. The hatchet was brought to the hospital to be the tool to kill. The hatchet will not kill alone. Is there a number that needs to be killed before the incident becomes valid? If so, more varieties of weapons have been used besides an AR15 for mass killings. There is a common thread with all these killings though. What percentage of these mass killings were conducted by the mentally ill?

Tax dollars to fund gun violence research? Have you considered researching the number one killing tool used in our society first? If not, why the fascination with guns which is not the #1 killing tool? Are we trying to fix a problem or run an agenda?

The gun component, the 2nd Amendment.....I have seen first hand what one person is capable doing to another individual and it's not all peaches and cream. I also know through history what can happen on huge scales when a government disarms it's citizens. Luckily, our forefathers understood this back then and felt it so important the placed it right after our 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech. They understood you can't have the 1st without the 2nd. If I didn't truly feel that way I would move to Australia.

Suicides..... I don't know all your facts but I'm going to concede everything you wrote is completely correct. It saddens me to learn what you wrote. I do believe you and I could, in a way, could work in this area together. I believe we need to pull a mentally ill person off the playing field until stabilized and I believe you feel the same way.

Nancy Hamilton 2 months ago

So, your logic is that we should only focus on the #1 cause of preventable death? Ok, I'll bite. We have done that. Smoking is the #1 cause of preventable death. But, here is the good news, that number has dropped by about 50% since 1960's because public health research was implemented and smoking prevention programs were put into action. The number 2 cause of preventable death is obesity. We are working on that one, but haven't made a lot of progress. The #3 cause is alcohol use/abuse. That one is interesting because we have made the most progress in reducing the collateral damage of alcohol abuse- prevention of drunk driving.

Why did I tell you all this, because it is important that you know that approaching gun violence as a public health problem rather than an all or none problem is likely to be productive and does not mean "taking away guns". Also to point out that public health researchers can do more than one thing at a time. It is absurd to say that we shouldn't focus on reducing gun violence until we solve every other public health problem first.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Number 1 cause of preventable death is abortion. It outnumbers all your top 3 combined. Your redefinition of preventable death is what? No honesty, no credibility.

Public health researchers might be able to do more than one thing at a time but can they do it good? This mentally ill individual was under mental health care, had multiple serious conflicts at that school district, law enforcement visited his home 39 times in a year and yet the psychologist deemed this shooter a threat to himself but not others. He couldn't have purchased a gun legally if declared mentally ill. He purchased that gun legally.

Specifically what's your opinion what you'd do, what's your limits and where you stand.

Joe Blackford II 2 months ago

IF the founding fathers guaranteed anything in the Constitution, it was the right to own a muzzle-loading smoothbore musket, powder & lead.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

And the 1st Amendment only applies to materials printed using a printing-press.

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Brrrrr Wrong Answer....... The Constitution did not guarantee anything in the 2nd Amendment. It merely acknowledged your and my right given to us by a higher being a right to defend ourselves with weaponry.

Joe Blackford II 2 months ago

Dale Miller user since Feb. 20, 2018. user since Feb. 20, 2018.

Hey Dale! How's "Roy" & the weather there in the Kremlin? Here's a pinup for your locker!

a What's Left-of-Lenin Poster dedicated to the mind of B. Smith

a What's Left-of-Lenin Poster dedicated to the mind of B. Smith by Joe Blackford II

Dale Miller 2 months ago

Tiny Joe, you might be too small to be a little troll with no message. Nice photo of you though. That's your best side! Have a nice day! Hehehe!

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months ago

The more guns we have, the more gun violence we have. The purchase of guns skyrocketed when the lie was spread that Obama was coming for your guns. Some people made a lot of money. Now we have mass shootings and even more gang shootings and road rage shootings, and "your music is too loud" shootings, and "hate your neighbors" shootings and more drunk shootings. Get mad, just pull a gun.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Gun rights people don't like that but it's true.

And as long as they say 1+1 equals banana while the rest of us see the numbers and facts clearly we're never going to be able to persuade I say we just stop trying.

We already know their answer is always going to be no, so why even invite them to the table anymore? If they wanted to compromise, the time for that was years ago...and they've shown zero willingness to even now.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

You are right. You and your ilk are the arbitrators of truth and goodness for all the world's peoples. Kind of like the my religion is the one true religion crowd.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Gun control works. We know this because it works in the vast majority of the rest of the civilized world.

It's a fact as true as 'the sun makes things warm'.

If you have some data that backs up the position that more guns is more effective than a gun ban at preventing mass shootings I'd love to see it.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

I never implied that more guns is an antidote for mass shootings. My point is society must decide if a minuscule reductions in the occurrence of shooting is worth abridging the rights of tens of millions of law abiding gun owners. then there is that pesky 2nd Amendment. What others from the Bill of Rights will we limit in the name of safety? violate the 1st and ban hate speech. Violate the 4th and allow stop and frisk?

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

Okay, so seriously take a step back and look at what you just said.

You just asked if the thousands of people who are killed every year by gun violence is too high a price to pay for the right to own a if the answer to that isn't self apparent.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

Okay what is the number? If 100 people are killed by gun violence do we restrict the Constitutional guaranteed of 100 million the right to own a firearm? How about 10? How about 1? It is a right that "shall not be infringed". Don't like it, amend the constitution.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

That's a good question, but whatever the number is we are WAY over it.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

It may seem callous, but it is part of life and we accept it elsewhere in our decisions. We know speed kills so we could reduce the speed to a speed that almost ensures no one will die in an auto accident but we don’t. We make the decision that for convenient and efficient transportation we are willing to accept the deaths that occur because of the higher speed limits.

We know alcohol kills, but we accept the deaths that come with it because people like to consume alcohol.

We know guns kill, but we are willing to accept those deaths for the right to protect ourselves.

If we banned all guns there would be exceptions for politicians and the rich. They would have their armed protection. Why is my life not worth protecting with a firearm too?

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

"We know speed kills so we could reduce the speed to a speed that almost ensures no one will die in an auto accident but we don’t."

But we do have speed laws and enforce them.

Another good analogy along this line are seat belts. Seat belts are not 100% effective at preventing deaths in car crashes, but you are still legally required to wear them.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Right and we have gun laws and enforce them.

I support enhancing background checks

I support red flag laws provided there is due process

I support allowing CDC to study violence and offer solutions

I support longer prison sentence for felons illegally possessing a firearm.

I support prison sentences for people making false statements on the gun purchase affidavit.

I support banning bump stocks

I don’t support weapon bans just because a criminal used them to commit a crime unless you can prove it will stop murders.

I just don’t support bannin

Marc Wilborn 2 months ago

You should also remember that literally hundreds of thousands fought and died to protect that right, among others. Just by eliminating guns does not eliminate, treat or otherwise protect people from those who would do them harm. Until the issue of those with mental illness and their rights is addressed, suggesting to remove a fundamental right won't go very far.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Are you two related? If so, how did one get all the brains in the family? JK of course, but Thanksgiving discussion must be interesting.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

We are in fact related and as a proud father I like to think Daniel got the brains; of course from his Dad.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Father and son - really. I was guessing brothers. Obviously you raised your son to be an independent thinker - all parents should. Lord knows my son and I see the world differently.

Daniel Kennamore 2 months ago

He's my dad and we agree on far more than we disagree on.

We just have, shall we say, a disagreement about this one issue. lol

Gene Douglas 2 months ago

actually I was thinking the posts are the same entity as in multi-personality disorder...still kind of suspect it....or like in the original movie 'The Fly" when morphing into a fly the guys arm would turn first and try to throttle the guy and the other arm would come to the defense and it would be back and forth till totally morphing.....too funny!!

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

I've always had a suspicion that Dorothy and Bob are the same person.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Common sense tells you that more guns don’t make us safer, but a gun in the hand of a person who knows how to use it makes them safer.

You could double the number of guns in the US and we’d be safer if you figured out a way for criminals not to have them. So yes, when there are more guns in the hands of criminals, and the mentally ill the likelihood of gun violence increases.

If guns don’t make us safer then why are politicians, celebrities and the rich protected by people with guns.

Brock Masters 2 months ago

Keep in mind if the FBI hadn’t failed in their duties those children may very well be alive today. Where is the outrage toward the FBI for failing to act and letting those children fall victim to Cruz?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months ago

If he hadn't been able to buy that gun legally, he might still be trying to buy it illegally.

Pete Kennamore 2 months ago

Don't worry, we can pass a law making it illegal to buy a gun illegally. then we can all feel better because we "did something"

Bob Summers 2 months ago

The second amendment, in fact the Constitution were put together because of the emotionally hypersensitive bullying Liberal.

This is why they call it outdated or a "living breathing document"

They want it changed.

Michael Kort 2 months ago

Good for these kids for stepping up and I encourage them to vote and to ignore the high priced propaganda from those who would package and sell the democracy of fear to the slow, the obsessed and to the stupid .

Think for yourselves because the media is loaded with trolls who are just there to make a living off of lying for their masters ends......trolls have already come out with lying videos claiming that the kids who survived the Florida shooting were just actors playing a script..........some people are sick........others just serve their masters and create false news things just like the Hillary Pizza Parlor scam fake news .

Michael Kort 2 months ago

I will take TRUMP seriously about arming school teachers, when he arms the White House Staff, tears down the fence outside and gates, gets rid of the bullet proof windows , tells the Secrete Service, the Capitol Police, the FBI, the Swampington Ploice Dept. to all go away and quit protecting himself, when he stops riding in an armored limo that travels with him on his Florida Junkets to Maralago, , gives up Marine One, trades in Air Force One to fly coach with the common folks, etc..,

He is just an obvious HYPOCRITE, as THE US's MOST PROTECTED MAN IN THIS COUNTRY ON THE PUBLICS DIME, who is telling the rest of Americas citizens to get a gun, TO PROTECT THEMSELVES from the insane who don't trouble him, that he has promoted into gun buyers, by getting rid of an Obama Presidential Order that made it harder for the crazy, to buy guns ?


Don Brennaman 2 months ago

Teachers with guns looks to me like just another ploy to dismantle public education and the DOEducation. How many parents will be forced to choose home schooling because the NRA finances the GOP placing greed ahead of public safety. How many will falsify home school compliance because they do not have the time or skill to educate their children? When I think of "too lazy to..." I don't think of DACA non-registrants. I think of "too lazy to get off the NRA payroll."

Bob Summers 2 months ago

NRA finances the GOP placing greed ahead of public safety.

More fantasies from the congenital Liberal mindset.

Let's look at what the Liberal ones have done to public safety.

The vicious MS-13 gang, stifled under former President George W. Bush, exploded during the Obama era fueled by 300,000 illegals, including those given amnesty under the DACA program, and has now been linked to crimes in 22 states, according to a new report.

Bob Summers 2 months ago

Last week they were eating "Tide Pods". This week they are constitutional experts. So rolls the Liberal mind.

How about this Liberals?

Larry Sturm 2 months ago

On gun control raising the age limit is a start, along with that a 10 day waiting period and background check. 10 day training period paid for by the buyer at time of purchase and not receiving the weapon till training is complete. Arming teachers is not the answer they are not a police force or a regulated militia they are teachers first.

Bob Smith 2 months ago

Leave us put similar restrictions on voting. It would be such jolly fun!

Zoe Flowers 2 months ago

I can't help but be reminded of the Viet Nam war demonstrations. Started by young people who didn't want to die in war that had been going on for almost 20 years. How long would that war have gone one if the young people affected the most had not stood up and said "enough is enough"

Bob Smith 2 months ago

Ending the Vietnam War didn't destroy the rights of tens of millions of law-abiding Americans.

Zoe Flowers 2 months ago

No, but combined with modifying the draft, it gave millions the right to live. Both sides need to make concessions. An 18 year old does not need an AK-15. Maybe gun ranges could rent them out to use at the range for young people to shoot. May not be an option but just trying to show that maybe solutions can be found if we give it some thought.

Sam Crow 2 months ago

I believe you meant to refer to the AR 15.

Anyone can go to a gun range and rent one to shoot.

If fact if you did that you may not be so afraid of guns.

Zoe Flowers 2 months ago

Ha, ha, have a couple of dozen rifles and guns. I am not afraid of them. I am afraid of upset people using them to kill innocent victims.

Larry Sturm 2 months ago

We didn't have everyday school shootings until the NRA got involved with their rhetoric of the second amendment.

Richard Heckler 2 months ago

The GOP which is controlled by very radical right wing money aka ALEC will do nothing about deregulated gun sales. Nothing will change.

This is why the loud voices for replacing all laws with a few new regulations need to stay active and loud. The politicans will say anything to shut americans up and in reality are only waiting for this sitaution to run out of steam.

The news media must stay on top of this matter. Assault weapons must be taken off the retail market, the black market and not allowed in gun shows.

Military and law enforcement weapons when retired MUST be melted down and perhaps brought back as picinic tables.

Arming teachers is shallow thinking. Security officers are acceptable HOWEVER they cannot stop an action if they don't when a shooting is going to take place or where it will take place.

Bob Smith 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Dragging in your favorite dead horse, Richard? The cowardly actions of the Broward County deputies make it perfectly clear that we cannot depend on others to defend us. Take responsibility for yourself.

Michael Kort 1 month, 4 weeks ago

SO,.....if a teacher, in defense of a school full of kids, takes on a shooter in a school hall and accidentally kills a student or a responding policeman, who gets sued ? who gets investigated and potentially charged with manslaughter over the careless discharge of a gun ? What if the bullet goes right thru the invading shooter and kills an innocent other person ?..............all.while THE DONALD is protected by an army of law inforcement everywhere his out of touch mind will wonder...........but it will be a very, very, very bad day in the life of a well meaning school teacher who never signed up to be a school cop who will face years of legal troubles and lawsuits and possibly be unemployable anywhere .............SOUNDS LIKE A REPUBLICAN PLAN TO ME ! ! !............OTHER PEOPLES LIVES ! ! !

Now,..... on top of having to buy school supplies for a class year, teachers will be expected to buy a gun and ammo as well ? !......and what stops a gun in a classroom from being taken over by an angery student who has a use for it at the end of the last hour of someone else's life on this earth ..........SOUNDS LIKE A POPULAR REPUBLICAN IDEA TO ME ! ! !.............YAH HOO ! ! !?.....and what happens to a teacher who defends possession of their gun n a class room full of kids by shooting a student in a struggle ?.......LAW SUITS !

Yea, this idea could make allot of sence to me if I were insane or obsessed with the rights of the mentally ill to buy a gun despite being totally crazy or if I favored the idea of the mentally ill committing suicide by teacher at school in a classroom full of kids ............sounds like a plan to whoever ?

Bob Smith 1 month, 4 weeks ago

"...if I were insane..." No "if" to it, Michael.

Michael Kort 1 month, 4 weeks ago

If one in ten thousand people are delusional or violently mentally ill, that would imply that there could be 34,000 plus people at any given time in this country, that could shoot up a church, a school, an outdoor concert, a movie theater, etc.......that are running around this country at any time, that could act out with a gun doing mass murders here or there

If it would take 10 people to surveil each one of these 34,000 plus nut bags around the clock 24/7 and keep the files or interventions going on them, then who is going to pay for all of that ?

I know.....just send that bill to the BOBs !

Obviously, we are all so delusional and nuts that we can't predict that the next mass murder shooting event is just around the corner here in the good old USA !

America, ......a shining example to the rest of the free world........of what not to do at home .

At least in the Middle Eastt it is repressive monarchies or religious blood fights that fuel the murdering..........and not just a petty insane person with easy access to what has proved to be very effective killing machines .

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