Letter to the editor: Smoke screen

To the editor:

Pertaining to your Jan. 29 editorial regarding the state school board’s support of Deputy Commissioner Dale Dennis, I believe you may have jumped the gun.

Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that one of the most highly regarded state employees, supported by four previous governors and countless superintendents, is being targeted for improperly distributing public school transportation funds using a methodology that the Legislature has requested and has been aware of over the years? By using the Legislative Post Audit report, at this juncture when the Legislature is tasked with trying to satisfy the State Supreme Court’s order regarding inadequate school funding, it sure has the appearance of a smoke screen. By claiming that up to $405 million in school transportation funds (going back to 1973) were not properly distributed gives Sen. Susan Wagle and friends an excuse to try and not fund public education per the Supreme Court’s order. They are playing you, and you fell for it. This is pure politics, and you should have seen through their little game.