Letter to the editor: Name change

To the editor:

Were your kids born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital? Just where will you tell them they were born? Lawrence Memorial Hospital?

Did you ever take one of them to the emergency room at Lawrence Memorial Hospital? Did you ever say a last goodbye to someone dear at Lawrence Memorial Hospital?

Do we need a new name to know that Lawrence Memorial Hospital is more than just a hospital? Or, rather, does it define what a hospital is?

Is “Lawrence Memorial Hospital” just a brand? Or is it an institution we’ve turned to when we, or our children, were hurt and afraid?

Which things are precious enough to hang onto as the world speeds by? Should we keep some things just so there will be a few constants in our lives — some things we can share with our children?

When I get old and fall down the stairs, where will they take me?

Not, it seems, to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.