Letter to the editor: Enabling failure

To the editor:

County Commissioner Nancy Thellman’s description of a proposed mental health crisis center as “another revolving door” evidences a bias against the citizens of the county and ignorance of the importance of such a center.

Citizens who need crisis care for mental health and addiction problems are not losers who need to be incarcerated. In communities all around America, crisis centers effectively keep people out of jail and restore them to health. This is something residents of Douglas County deserve!

On the other hand, expanding our jail only expands a revolving door that ensnares people in a pattern of failure. Our current county facility may be inadequate, but doubling the capacity only binds us to failed practices that do not improve life in our community. The cost in tax dollars and human lives is beyond reason. Voting no on the upcoming ballot is a smart choice.

Justice Matters is trying to place on the November ballot a proposition that will create the mental health crisis center we need for Douglas County. It will do so at a reasonable cost, and it will restore our fellow citizens to health and productivity. To make real improvements in our county, vote no now, then vote yes in November. It’s the better way!