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Letter to the editor: Support science

April 13, 2018


To the editor:

Thanks to Leonard Krishtalka for his fine essay in the Journal-World on standing up for science.

I would add a dimension: our competitiveness with other nations. China is now producing more scientists and engineers than the United States. That matters not only for trade, but also for maintaining the American lead in defense-related technologies. Discrediting science in America is a road to decline.


David Reynolds 6 days ago

China may be producing more engineers & scientists than the USA. But to what ability & purpose.

China's explosion in technology for trade is based on stealing USA & other countries technology. China requires a company, wanting to do business in China, give China the companies' technology. So, are these engineers & scientists innovators?

China may have a lot of military hardware, the question is, is it on a par with other advanced nations. Militarily, I hope the world never has to find out. That applies for both the USA, China or the world.

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