Letter to the editor: Not fit to lead

To the editor:

A 71-year-old man got in front of the United Nations and called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man.” That’s not funny. It’s not useful. And I’m disgusted more every day with him and those that continue to defend him without fault. Until you can look me in the eye and say you would have been OK with Barack Obama talking like a child on a playground, then you need to recognize that your moral stances have lost all credibility.

And on another note, in the same breath as demanding diplomacy from North Korea, he attacks the previous administration and the deal with Iran, which, despite the inconvenience of his wished reality, they are complying with.

The message being sent to North Korea is one of complete validation of every reason that they have this weapons program in the first place. Is he not capable of thinking in three dimensions? Does he not recognize how ridiculous he sounds to thank the world for their help and then within a minute talk about America first?

This world is not America’s, in which other countries grovel for some acceptance and a thumbs up. His world view is sickening, and he is not fit to stand on the international stage.