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Letter to the editor: Not fit to lead

September 22, 2017


To the editor:

A 71-year-old man got in front of the United Nations and called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man.” That’s not funny. It’s not useful. And I’m disgusted more every day with him and those that continue to defend him without fault. Until you can look me in the eye and say you would have been OK with Barack Obama talking like a child on a playground, then you need to recognize that your moral stances have lost all credibility.

And on another note, in the same breath as demanding diplomacy from North Korea, he attacks the previous administration and the deal with Iran, which, despite the inconvenience of his wished reality, they are complying with.

The message being sent to North Korea is one of complete validation of every reason that they have this weapons program in the first place. Is he not capable of thinking in three dimensions? Does he not recognize how ridiculous he sounds to thank the world for their help and then within a minute talk about America first?

This world is not America’s, in which other countries grovel for some acceptance and a thumbs up. His world view is sickening, and he is not fit to stand on the international stage.


Bob Summers 9 months ago

A couple symptoms of the congenital Liberal is anger and bitterness. Note LTE "disgusted" rant.

btw China agrees with Trump on controlling NK.

Daniel Kennamore 9 months ago

Serious question for the LJW staff:

Why is this continuously hateful poster still allowed here?

Brock Masters 9 months ago

While I agree that some of Trump's tactics are juvenile, I prefer his world view over Obama's or Clinton's.

Yes, I believe in putting America first, yes I believe in looking out for our self-interest and yes, I prefer a defiant America over one that constantly apologizes and appeases.

North Korea has been attacking and threatening us for decades. Clinton tried appeasement and diplomacy and declared his deal would keep nukes out of N Korea's hands. Didn't work.

Obama had to deal with them,but his tactics didn't work either so here we ar again. Rocket man is hearing for the first time that his aggression will cost him dearly. No more threatening us and getting incentives to behave. He will lose his country and perhaps his life.

Barbaric countries like N Korea and Iran don't respect diplomacy. They respect power and fear military retaliation. I think it is foolish to believe Iran is honoring the kick the can down the road deal we cut with them. They got a plane load of cash and will use it to fund their nuclear program.

Do I wish Trump was more thoughtful in his comments. Yep, but I am glad he is president and not Clinton.


Josh Berg 9 months ago

Now you know how we felt having to listen to Obama talk about how great Europe is for 8 years

Bob Summers 9 months ago

Europe is great. They just need more military aged Arabic men to bring it to a zenith of greatness.

Calvin Anders 9 months ago

Trump is too dumb to realize that he is just a bit player in a melodrama that Kim Jong Un is staging for his people. I suppose it plays to Trump's base as well, but the down side is Kim gets to puff out his chest and actually get a reaction from the biggest, most well armed nation on the planet. Trump's ravings serve primarily to give Kim credibility, both at home and abroad. Trump's juvenile threats and name calling hurt him and hurt the United States. And what little trust our country had for dealing honestly with others and keeping our word is being eroded by Trump's dramatic shifts in policy and indications that he will not honor deals brokered by previous administrations. The rest of the world will not continue to engage constructively with the US if they believe our leaders are too stupid to act in our nation's best interests.

Richard Aronoff 9 months ago

A history lesson…….

The usual suspects are shocked – SHOCKED – by President Trump’s warning to North Korea. Reckless they said. No president has ever said anything like that they said,

Here’s what President Truman said regarding Japan: “If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth.”

Back in 1993, President Bill Clinton gave perhaps an even starker warning to North Korea. In a trip to Seoul, South Korea, Clinton said that if North Korea gained and used a nuclear weapon “we would quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate.” “It would mean the end of their country as they know it,” he said, according to a New York Times report at that time.

Calvin Anders 9 months ago

Richard, you do seem to have a point about other presidents using strong language. But neither of your examples shows the strong language used effectively to further a strategic objective. Both Truman and Clinton failed to sway anyone. Also, neither resorted to name calling in an attempt to demean another leader. Do you have an example of a US leader using threats and insults in a way that actually drove diplomatic efforts forward?

Sam Crow 9 months ago

I would bet that Henderson, like the other Lawrence liberals, experienced the nadir of his life on November 9th and hasn't yet recovered.

It must be hard to wake up every morning to dark clouds.

Richard Aronoff 9 months ago

Calvin: I believe Trump has taken a page from the playbooks of Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks regarding the Nazis by holding Kim up to public ridicule.

TJ: Trump said he would always put the United States and its people first and then followed that immediately by saying to the assembled world leaders that they should put their countries and their people first. Do you really have a problem with that?

I think the solution to the problem is for the Chinese to communicate to the North Korean military leaders through some back-channel method exactly what would happen to their armies if the Dear Leader actually launched a missile at the US or its allies. I believe it they could be made to understand what would happen, those military leaders would take Kim out themselves.

Calvin Anders 9 months ago

Richard, first of all Goodwin's law (I win). Second, Trump slinging a couple demeaning nick names at someone doesn't make him a master of satire. Comparing Trump to Chaplin and Brooks is ridiculously over estimating Trump's accomplishment. Are you next going to compare Trump to Shakespeare for tweeting that Kristen Stewart is a loser? I will grant you that Trump is more an entertainer than a statesman, but he is not much of an entertainer.

Richard Aronoff 9 months ago

Or perhaps you're ridiculously underestimating him. And by the way GODWIN's (not Goodwin's) law applies perfectly to Fred Whitehead -- not to me, Charlie Chaplin or Mel Brooks.

Brock Masters 9 months ago

Speaking of Fred, where has he been. Hope he is well.

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