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Letter to the editor: Listen to experts

September 22, 2017


To the editor:

Journal-World reporter Peter Hancock should be commended for his thorough article on premium increases in the Affordable Care Act insurance marketplace. Hancock accurately reports that insurers attribute most of the increase to uncertainty over the future of the program due to a lack of support from the Trump administration. Independent analysts from across the political spectrum share this conclusion.

Unfortunately, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer fails to listen to insurance experts and continues to falsely assert that “Obamacare” itself is solely to blame for cost increases. Colyer has an opportunity to show some leadership and work at the state level to improve the ACA for the nearly 100,000 Kansans who now have insurance thanks to the law. He could work to lower costs by expanding Medicaid, implementing innovative reinsurance models and addressing the high cost of prescription drugs.

There is growing support for the ACA and expanding KanCare in Kansas. Kansans want to see leadership, not excuses and political rhetoric.

It’s time Lt. Gov. Colyer offered some positive solutions. He should join the bipartisan effort to stabilize the insurance markets, offer consumers some certainty, and improve the ACA. The health of thousands of Kansans depends on it.


Richard Heckler 8 months ago

There is only one way to satisfy the demand for ethical medical insurance coverage. Yes let the consumers decide for it is impossible for elected officials to make the best decisions.

Why do consumers not demand a right to vote on the following? Let taxpayers approve the medical health insurance options that will best serve the people.

Let the voters decide. Politicians on both sides of aisle receive campaign money from this industry and too many on both sides of the aisle are invested by way of Wall Street.

Put forth three choices which would allow for consumers aka voters to pick which seems more practical for their needs.

=== ObamaCare which retains the health insurance industry for those who fear the word Medicare or phrase Single Payer after all it is their dollar. This needs stiff federal regulations that cannot be superseded by the states. Offer a tax dollar rebate at the end of every year that would equal about what families would “payout” through taxes = $3300. Sooner or later the lions share of this group will most likely enroll in single payer.

=== Single Payer Medicare for ALL = excellent coverage for those who wish to enroll. The absolute best choice on planet earth. This group does not need tax rebates because our taxes are working for the taxpayer.

=== LAST BUT NOT LEAST ALLOW self financed health care for those able to do so BECAUSE this group does not want to spend tax dollars. Paying out of pocket is more efficient for this group. Offer a tax dollar rebate at the end of every year that would equal about what families would “payout” through taxes.

WE know that using the existing medicare template to service Medicare for All Single payer saves lots and lots of dollars over reinventing the wheel.

Let the voters approve this package of three. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE UNDERINSURED AGAIN NEVER EVER.

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