Letter to the editor: ‘Drunk’ disrespectful

To the editor:

This letter is in protest of rude reporting on the front page of the Sept. 6 Journal-World — “Tests: Both drivers in fatal motorcycle crash were drunk.” I feel the statement about the death of Mr. Del Campo and the person he was riding with, be it a citizen or public servant, deserve better use of words than “drunk” in its headline. Yes, they were over the legal limits to be riding or driving, but are we in such an age of journalism that we have to further slam the grieving family and friends with this terminology? There are plenty of less offensive words in your dictionary to describe their condition. Both families lost an awful lot that night — a death of a much loved local businessman and the other the guilt of what transpired, his job and the respect it cost him, as well as the constant reminder of that sad evening’s nightmare.