FSHS doubles team wins tennis title

Free State senior Ali Dodd and freshman Keegan Van Pelt won a championship in doubles at the Emporia girls tennis Invitational on Saturday.

Dodd and Van Pelt only dropped a total of five games in their four matches, leading Free State’s girls tennis team to a team title. In singles, Kate Piper took second place, losing 8-2 in the championship, and Andie Veeder finished fourth.

Lawrence High’s girls tennis team took ninth place. Bella Kirkwood, in singles, and Chloe Thornton and Caitlynn Kliem, in doubles, won one match each in the main tournament.

Emporia Invitational

Saturday at Emporia High

Team scores: Free State 80, Blue Valley 73, Wichita Collegiate 59, Andover 55, Derby 53, Emporia 47, St. James 46, Blue Valley West 35, Lawrence 33, Wichita West 6.

FSHS results

Kate Piper (2nd place): def. Hailey Vinroe, DER, 8-1; def. Tori Gonzales, BVW, 8-1; def. Andie Veeder, FS, 8-3; lost to Gabby Lee, 8-2.

Andie Veeder (4th place): def. Laura Teska, LHS, 8-0; def. Sabrina White, COL, 8-0; def. Elaine Zhu, BV, 8-2; lost to Kate Piper, FS, 8-3; lost to Katrina Mason, DER, 8-0.

Ali Dodd/Keegan Van Pelt (1st place): def. Reynoso/Cabrerra, EMP, 8-0; def. Hild/Anderson, AND, 8-2; def. Gentile/Yoakum, COL, 8-2; def. Withraw/Lair, COL, 8-1.

Gabby Gorman/Anna Peard: def. Book/Shepard, SJA, 8-5; lost to Jiang/DeSimone, BV, 8-5; def. Thornton/Kliem, LHS; def. Hild/Anderson, AND, 8-5.

LHS results

Bella Kirkwood: lost to Katrina Mason, DER, 8-0; def. Mira Sabapathy, BVW, 8-7 (1); lost to Melissa Benjamin, EMP, 8-5; lost to Hailey Vinroe, DER, 8-6.

Laura Teska: lost to Andie Veeder, FS, 8-0; lost to Brianna Aceves, EMP, 8-4; lost to Maddy Tee, AND, 8-1.

Chloe Thornton/Caitlynn Kliem: def. Jashinski/Stone, BVW, 8-6; lost to Withrow/Lair, COL, 8-0; lost to Gorman/Peard, FS; lost to Walia/Jefferies, BV, 8-3.

Haily Alt/Sydney Teichman: lost to Walia/Jefferies, BV, 8-2; def. Pericola/Salisbury, BVW, 8-5; def. Morris/Pena, WW, 8-1.