Letter to the editor: Restaurant access

To the editor:

As a care provider for my husband who’s in a wheelchair, I’m faced with this problem. Most of the restaurants have curb cuts and handicapped parking spaces, and that’s great. But what they all don’t have is a button that I or another person who’s pushing the wheelchair can push to open the door for us.

It’s impossible for us to open the door, which is usually heavy, and push the wheelchair in over the threshold at the same time. We usually have to wait for someone to open the door for us, when someone is hopefully and generously around to do it. And the curb cuts should be close to the handicapped parking places, not at the other end of the parking lot. This is very frustrating, and hopefully it will change soon.

And then some restaurants even have double doors, where you first go in one set of doors, only to be confronted by another set where you have to face the same problem of opening the door and pushing the wheelchairs through. Help!