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Letter to the editor: Blind to hardships

September 1, 2017


To the editor:

Over two months ago, I wrote letters to the City Commission, County Commission, school board and the city manager. I explained how raising taxes would make it difficult for people living on a limited income. Not one of these people returned a response to my letters. The message I took away from this lack of response was that our elected officials don’t see the hardship they are creating for others as their problem.

The city commissioners are funding the construction of the new police facility that was rejected by the voters. Property taxes are being raised without voter approval. My question is: Why do we bother to go to the polls? We can just wait until the commissioners decide what their plans are, and then we will know how much money to take from our family to pay for their grand plans. This is so wrong.


Mike Riner 9 months, 3 weeks ago

A long time ago, when the question of a "new" city hall was being raised, a city commissioner was quoted in the LJW as saying the city was going to build it, regardless of how the citizens of Lawrence voted. So your point is correct. Our votes apparently don't count for much. Thanks, elected officials!

Jim Eckler 9 months, 3 weeks ago

I totally agree Scott don't forget us senior folks that live on fixed GOV income that are struggling to exist, not much hope for us all?tks for the heads up JIM ECKLER

Louis Kannen 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Even the simplest of requests, in this case, the status of the ALREADY APPROVED funding for the MAUSOLEUM repair, go unanswered for months!! You've been elected to honorably serve the population of your damn jobs or use the same door you came through on your first day and get the hell out.

" Dear Mr Kannen, You know, Louis, as my Sworn Civic Duty not only attests but also requires, gosh darn it, I'd sure be more than happy to be of some kind of help with this Mausoleum business. Unfortunately I'm kind of almost certain that I'm really pretty busy right now, working on a bunch of other busy kinds of uncertain things and stuff. However, valuing your vote-casting Constituency as I most certainly do, dad gum it, Louis, I'll sure try to see if there's ANY theoretical possibility of somehow inadvertently attempting to keep this prior agreed upon, Bored-approved, important Civic project in mind. Kindest Personally Indifferent Regards, Bob N. Weave Chairman of the Bored "

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