Rape reported on KU campus; suspect arrested, released with no charges

University of Kansas police arrested a man on suspicion of rape over the weekend, though the man has been released from jail without being charged.

On Wednesday, a female KU student reported to KU police that an acquaintance raped her Oct. 6 at Downs Hall, 1517 W. 18th St., Deputy Chief James Anguiano said. According to the KU Office of Public Safety online crime log, the person assaulted “was unable to give valid consent.”

Anguiano said KU police arrested the man, who is also a KU student, on Friday.

The man, 18, was arrested at Downs Hall and booked into jail Friday evening, according to jail records. Jail records indicate he was released Saturday without being charged.

An explanation from the Douglas County DA’s office was not immediately available. A representative said Monday she needed to gather more information and would be unable to respond before Tuesday.

Anguiano said the newly reported case was not related to a dual rape reported earlier this month at Downs Hall.

In that case KU police arrested two KU students on suspicion of rape Oct. 21. They were released from jail with no charges, and the DA sent the case back to police for more investigation.

According to the corresponding KU crime report, that case involved two people being accused of raping someone who was too intoxicated to give consent on Oct. 20.