Letter to the editor: Christian values

To the editor:

I read Fran Johnson’s letter on Oct. 13 and was very annoyed. This is just another example of a right-wing mentality who have attempted to steal and corrupt the values of Jesus. His message was definitely not one of hate but of love, compassion. understanding and acceptance. I don’t believe he would have persecuted gay people and would have accepted and tolerated them as equals.

Also, this country was founded by people who left Europe because of religious persecution to seek freedom to worship in peace. Fran Johnson stands on her pulpit and declares she is the official interpreter of what family and Christian values are. How arrogant of you! Hate is not a value Jesus ever supported and is certainly not one of my values.

I am proud to live in a city that provides a safe haven and accepts many types of diversity, those who are gay, transgender, witches and anyone else who may be just a little different. I always try to keep an open mind and try not to pass judgment on those whose ideas are a little unique and I like to listen and educate myself. Although I am pushing 70 I am never too old to learn. Yes, Fran, you are correct it is time to speak out! It’s time to speak out against ignorance, intolerance and persecution.

Please remember Fran Johnson, maybe God is more likely watching you!