Letter to the editor: Frustrating rules

To the editor:

If you are planning to renew your Kansas driver’s license, please note that you will need the following documents in order to comply with the new rules that will take place in 2020: Social Security card, birth certificate, marriage license (if you’re female) with exact name as it appears on driver’s license and proof of residence (car registration, government document or utility bill). This information is not indicated on the yellow card one receives for renewal. If a Kansas driver’s license does not meet the new standard, one cannot use it as an ID to board an airplane in 2020.

My experience at the DMV was very frustrating. My first trip was unsuccessful because I did not have my marriage license. The second trip was also unsuccessful because my birth certificate, marriage license and the legal name on my driver’s license did not match. (My legal name includes my maiden name, but not my middle name.) Having a current passport would have been very helpful. (Mine had expired.)

I was able to renew my driver’s license, but I will need to renew it again before 2020 and pay another $25 to comply with the new rules. What an exasperating experience!