Letter to the editor: Not in workplace

To the editor:

There is much news regarding NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, comments made by President Trump and follow-up comments by various sports and media figures.

I am not going to comment on the correctness of these actions or comments.

What is in question is the appropriateness of the place these actions are taking place. The workplace is not the venue for these actions.

Assuming these folks want a “real solution,” those taking a knee and commenting should act professionally, work with their local community officials, justify and deal with specific grievances and recommend solutions.

These actions and comments are taking place in the workplace and they are offending the customers of the various teams and the NFL. If any one of us directly offended a customer in our workplace, especially in front of other customers, we would be fired on the spot and rightly so.

The players and commentators are conducting politics in the workplace, thus their attendance and TV ratings are suffering. Sporting fans attend and watch sports to escape the daily bombardment of life’s problems and politics. If the games are going to be political, then so long NFL and ESPN. There are plenty of other ways to find some enjoyment.

The players and commentators’ disregard of their customers, and inappropriately addressing their grievances, are turning off their fans and thus losing support for their causes.