Letter to the editor: Revise tax plan

October 5, 2017

To the editor:

In response to the sales tax issue, I say vote no, then revise.

I respectfully request sales tax dollars be specifically dedicated:

I am not necessarily opposed to taxes funding these issues. What I am opposed to is open-ended use of the tax dollars, which equals helter-skelter spending.

Dedicated tax dollars eliminate helter-skelter spending; thus we see finished accomplishments. A worthwhile endeavor.

Call for a special vote. The end result would more than pay for the cost of a special vote. A worthwhile endeavor.

The community might want to think about pursuing a no sales tax on groceries or no more than 1 percent. Helpful to the lower income. A worthwhile endeavor.

How many would accept a reduction in property assessment values? This would be a tax reduction. Lower taxes on property could induce lower rents? Which would be helpful to lower income families. And to my wallet as well. Another worthwhile endeavor.

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