Letter to the editor: Football heresy

To the editor:

Whether you support it or not, the $300 million to be spent on Memorial Stadium sends a clear and undeniable message to all about KU’s priorities.

When you think of Kentucky or Duke or any other top-tier school, one of their athletic programs is the first things that come to mind. Can you think of any exceptions? MIT? Stanford? Does anyone think of them as a top-tier school anymore? I suspect most who do are not from the U.S.

Three hundred million is a lot of money, regardless of whether it comes from public or private sources. All the other top universities are spending that much. We don’t want to get left — any further — behind.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Action expresses priorities.” KU’s priorities are clear as are those of most of our large universities. To do anything else is surely organizational suicide. Just like the arms race, you keep pace with your competitors or risk destruction. Didn’t they call that MAD?

So, if you’re a member of the KU faculty or staff, it is clear where you stand in the pecking order. Anyone, regardless of their profession, would be demoralized when a single part of their organization was funded and lauded above all others. Morale at KU is low for many reasons. This one is clear for all to see.

If that does not convince you, in the vast majority of states, a college coach is the highest paid public employee. Reference the Gandhi quote above.

This is heresy, I know. I’d best be careful when I cross Mass in the future.