Letter to the editor: Guns among us

To the editor:

One cannot help but wonder at the news three persons are killed the night of Oct. 1 at 10th and Massachusetts in Lawrence. What explains the presence or need of guns for a night on the town? Or in a classroom? Or in a church? Or on an airplane?

Many cite mental illness or a criminal record or family problems. These are possible explanations. So proposals come to create disqualifications for such persons. Would that have changed the shootings downtown?

I still wonder if the Second Amendment really meant anything more than having arms to protect one from an alien invasion. Of course, hunting and sport are hobbies, but availability of arms for protection/settling disputes is dangerous (remember Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr?). Two rifles confronting each other gives the advantage, regardless of the Second Amendment, to the first trigger finger. Are there equal rights? The man with a rifle in the Texas church parking lot only scared the shooter and didn’t save any of the two dozen killed.

Something may be legal, but abuse questions the right or privilege relating to guns.