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Cost of protesting at the Kansas Capitol going way up

Kansas Statehouse in Topeka, February 2014.

Kansas Statehouse in Topeka, February 2014.

November 17, 2017


Topeka — Advocacy groups wanting to hold events at the Kansas Capitol will pay more — sometimes substantially more — under a new fee schedule set to take effect Jan. 1.

Currently, Kansas charges $20 for any activist group event at the Capitol. Under the new rules, the lowest price will be $50 for events that require no setup or cleanup. The price will increase depending on several factors, such as the size of the crowd, whether the group wants to use the public address system, or if it needs tables and chairs, The Kansas City Star reported .

Davis Hammett, a Topeka activist, said he was told Thursday the price for an annual event held by the Kansas People’s Agenda will increase from $20 last year to $500 this year.

Hammett called the cost increase “absurd and suppressive” and suggested it would prohibit smaller groups from protesting at the Capitol.

John Milburn, spokesman for the Kansas Department of Administration, which maintains state buildings, said the price increase is intended only to help the state recover costs for providing the space and setup and cleanup for events. The number of rallies has increased and costs have risen since the state restored the Capitol, he said.

“We certainly want people to hold events at the Statehouse. It had no other motive than to recover our costs,” Milburn said.

Under the fee schedule, groups that want a podium and access to the public address system will have to pay $100. Another $100 will provide six tables and 30 chairs. Events with chairs for 30 to 100 people will be $300 and any event larger than that will have a negotiated price.

Neighboring Missouri does not charge for rallies at the Capitol and provides free setup and cleanup services, said Ryan Burns, spokeswoman for the Missouri Office of Administration.

“Our facilities team is pretty amazing and they go to great lengths to make it happen,” she said.


Dave Lee 5 months ago

Another case of repubtards trying to suppress our first amendment rights..Sad!

Bob Smith 5 months ago

"...repubtards..." Aren't you the vulgar little thing?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 5 months ago

Oh, come on, Bob. The hypocrisy gets real old.

Bob Smith 5 months ago

When have I ever described someone on this forum as a "*tard"? I haven't. Of course, with your casual relationship to reality you'd be unaware of that/

Larry Sturm 5 months ago

Brownback stole all of the money from Kansas and gave it to the Koch brothers and now they don't have money for setup and cleanup.

Steve Hicks 5 months ago

It could be interesting when heavily-armed protesters with a "gun-rights" chip on their shoulder need to be dispersed by capitol police if they won't pay $500 to publicly assert their "rights."

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 5 months ago

We already pay for these service with our tax dollars. I thought Republicans were against double taxing. Poor little Republican lawmakers. The little snowflakes just seem so threatened by their constituents.

Clara Westphal 5 months ago

They can go protest in Missouri for free.

MerriAnnie Smith 5 months ago

This is on the same level as hiding everything they do.

You get their attention on one anti-citizens behavior and they come up with another.

Good Lord, people, don't you think it's time to ditch this bunch of Republicans? They think you're too stupid to fix that problem on election day.

Steve Hicks 5 months ago

Amen, sister !

Following the Kansas City Star's investigation of our current Kansas government's penchant for secrecy, I suggest we change the state motto to "homines magis tenebras quam lucem erant enim eorum mala opera."

The Vulgate's Latin translation of John 3:19 seems to get the "conservatives' " political philosophy exactly right: "men loved darkness because their deeds were evil."

Bob Summers 5 months ago

Liberals love it when their like minded people in government take money from the working stiff.

Why are they fussing over the peanuts being charged to complain?

Michael Kort 5 months ago

Well, first you pay for full time state employees that do the setup and then you pay Brownbackistan for an occasional use of these state employees time, doubt time away from enjoying a safe paycheck from BOB THE ONLY TAXPAYER while doing what other deeds in their off time ?

The Capitol Building should be the People's House........... but it has become a den of fee collecting Republican roaches........and the dimmer the light.......the dimmer the whitt of their political supporters.........the better they like it !

With that kind of legislative thinking it won't be long before they start charging you to elect them in advance at the voting booth before you get to vote......... they already do that after they get elected so why not charge you before their elections ?

Bob Smith 5 months ago

The early leader for the run-on sentences of the day competition has been identified. Extra points for sticking caps lock and gratuitous ellipses.

MerriAnnie Smith 5 months ago

You make people laugh at you, Bob, when you have nothing else to complain about so you stoop to critiquing their writing style.

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