Letter to the editor: Sports friend

To the editor:

I would like to make one last comment regarding the passing of Chuck Woodling. I talked to Chuck Woodling many times. I really enjoyed over the years his insightful sports articles and editorials. He was a gifted and knowledgeable sports writer. I really missed him when he retired. He was a very cheerful and amiable personality always funny and always seemed to be in good spirits even after his illness began.

Whenever I had a sports question, I could always call the Journal-World Sports Department and he would answer. If he was not there, he would always return my call. Nine times out of 10, he had the answer. This is a rare attribute now! That was a thing of the past. He was a regular guy who treated everyone the same whether you were a big shot sports celebrity or a working stiff. I very much hope he didn’t suffer at the end, and he is now at that great Sports Writer’s Convention in the sky.