Letter to the editor: More lighting woes

To the editor:

Kudos to Karen Brichoux on your detailed account that is almost exactly what we are experiencing over in our neighborhood the last few days. The street light part of it has been there a while, but I was biting my tongue and hoping that it would change somehow. This particular light used to have a guard on it until they moved it due to a new senior living center that was built right beside it.

We too are blinded looking out the back of our house or walking out in the yard at night just like you mentioned. The difference is this is a county property issue and therefore the pole and the light is theirs.

But what pushed us over the edge a few days ago was the addition of an entirely new and different light placed maybe 50 yards directly behind us on top of one of those new homes just built. It also was of the very intense LED light you spoke of, and I mean that sucker was blinding bright. So bright that we could not even see where we were walking in our own back yard because of the intense brightness, and as you also described, the back of our house was lit up almost as bright as a dim Memorial Stadium on a game night.

And this is the back yard that I have been working on for two years since the project behind started to turn it into something private and nice and a place where, as you say, my wife and I could go out back on nice nights and just enjoy the sky and the smells from my flowering plants out there.