Letter to the editor: Deny disposal plan

To the editor:

We have a proposal active to dispose of wastewater from fracking in Douglas County. This should be denied. City and county officials should strongly oppose it. While fracking does not directly cause earthquakes, disposal of the wastewater from fracking has been shown to do so, coincidentally in a new paper from researchers at the University of Colorado published last week in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Many of us felt an earthquake last year that happened in Oklahoma. How will it feel if it comes from inside Douglas County? UC studies indicate that earthquakes triggered by wastewater injection can occur at least within 10 miles of the injection site, and of course can be felt much farther away.

Let’s not let our appetite for nonrenewable, carbon-based fossil fuel energy add more to our list of problems. We don’t need either chicken parts or fracking waste chemicals in our groundwater.