Letter to the editor: Taxing situation

To the editor:

Over the last week, I have read several anti-tax letters to the editor regarding the three sales tax questions on the Nov. 7 ballot including the 0.2 percent for public transit, 0.3 percent for basic infrastructure and 0.05 percent for affordable housing.

As a community, we need to vote yes for these increases. The main argument against these taxes is that we have been taxed enough. I agree that local sales and property taxes have increased especially since the introduction of the failed Kansas tax plan in 2012. The state tax plan was designed to reduce income and business taxes to spur investment and growth. This did not happen and state tax revenues plummeted. In response, state government had to cut funding for essential public services. As a result, local governments had to raise local sales and property taxes to make up the difference. Lowering income taxes in favor of a more regressive tax system basically means that the middle class and poor are subsidizing the top income earners in the state. It will take years for Kansas and Lawrence to get out of this revenue hole. So for now we need this sales tax increase. However, if you want to reduce future sales and property taxes, then write your representative in Congress to vote NO (or significantly change) the current national tax reform bill that is similar to the failed Kansas tax plan.