Letter to the editor: Increase turnout

To the editor:

Voting is both a right and an obligation of citizenship. Citizen participation is the cornerstone to a healthy democracy. We need to expand participation by working to safeguard the right to register and vote. In particular minority voters, the elderly, the young voters are being targeted by unfounded voter registration requirements. Oregon, by permitting Election-Day registration with verification, increased voter participation by 15 percent. Voter participation also increases when we increase access such as by expanding the early voting period, by having an adequate number of polling places and by allowing for permanent advance voting.

This upcoming election in Lawrence gives us an opportunity to participate in democracy. On the www.lawrenceleague.com website is a copy of the Journal-World voter guide to the City Commission and school board candidates. Also on that website is a nonpartisan brochure about the three sales tax ballot issues. I invite each person of voting age to study the candidates and the issues and go vote. Go to the Courthouse and vote on Nov. 7. Better yet, take along a friend from your neighborhood to go vote.