Letter to the editor: Support housing

To the editor:

People who subscribe to the Lawrence Journal-World can take many things for granted. One is that they have a home to which their daily paper will be delivered. Having a home gives us stability, safety and a sense of belonging in community. The more people who have confidence in those things, the more our community benefits in every way.

Many local problems can be solved by making sure people have homes they can afford. If we can dream of a day when everyone in Lawrence has a home they can afford, we can create a town with low crime, high graduation rates and a productive workforce. That’s not partisan position, just a statement of fact. It’s a goal worthy of our commitment.

Voting in favor of question three on Tuesday’s ballot will create a well-supervised fund dedicated to get people into homes they can afford, either as renters or owners. The cost to each of us will average less than seven bucks a year. As citizens committed to the common good and advocates of responsible government, how can we not support efforts to create affordable housing? All that is required of us is to go to the ballot booth and vote “Yes” on question three.