Letter to the editor: Bulbs too bright

To the editor:

We recently received one of the new LED street light bulbs from Westar. It is exactly like having a stadium spotlight shining on our homes at night. My bedroom at night is now so bright I can actually read a book. While not ever needing a nightlight or bedside lamp might be dandy, I really do prefer to sleep in the dark and be able to see the stars and leaves against the sky out my window rather than my now well-lit tree and the glare off the glass.

This is a residential side street. We have no businesses. We have very little traffic. Why do we need to be so well lit the kids could play baseball at night and the pitcher could easily see the catcher’s hand?

Isn’t there something the city can do to give us back the night? Please? Shields around the lights at the least so they only point straight down; or lights that go very dim after 10 p.m.; or better yet, a bulb with way less wattage!

I have contacted Westar and, while pleasant, they say this is what Lawrence wanted them to do. I have contacted the city and, while sympathetic, they say all complaints should be directed to Westar. Meanwhile, the people (and plants and wildlife) of Lawrence are the ones who are suffering by not getting to go outside at night and be able to see the moonlight in their own back yards. By not being able to sleep at night without blackout curtains. Please, may we have our night sky back? And why do we have to beg?