Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

March 17, 2017

To the editor:

Donald Trump was elected “fair and square” to become our 45th President. Many believe that, despite our U.S. Constitution, somehow he is illegitimate. There were calls for his impeachment even before he was inaugurated. The drum beat of those on the left who act as if they are not democratic is persistent and usually misguided. He has only been in office for about 8 weeks. Many believe that he has already committed enough felonies and misdemeanors to be impeached. From my viewpoint, he is doing rather well on all fronts in keeping his promises. I realize that it will take many years to sort out the record. But the thunderous, biased invective and abuse so early is simple unreasonable.

I had just finished reading “Forged Through Fire: War, Peace, and the Democratic Bargain” by J. Ferejohn and F. M. Rosenbluth when I read the indignant letter by Fred Whitehead in the Lawrence Journal World (March 13). In their book, when manpower was needed for defense and there were shortages, the “elites” (nobles, powerful landowners, rich merchants, autocrats, etc.) became more “democratic.” When the crisis was over, these elites, from the Athenians to modern times, have usually had “hissy fits” and used their indignation at loss of control to reverse the democratic reforms. Whitehead and others in the unelected and self-appointed U.S. “elites” are no counterexamples.

Give the man a chance. He is our President and we ought to hope and pray that he is successful.

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