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Letter to the editor: Whitewater dissent

March 16, 2017


To the editor,

I read with interest “Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center.” Although I wasn’t at that meeting, I’ve attended several going back to 2015, including Wednesday evening at the Cider Gallery. At every meeting, the response has been similar to what the Journal-World reported: residents do not want the disruption of Clinton Lake that the center would cause. How many meetings must occur to make that message clear to Assistant Secretary of Parks and Tourism Linda Craghead?

At a meeting in October, Ms. Craghead requested ideas about how the park system could generate revenue. I sent her 10 ideas for less expensive, less intrusive methods, including boat tours, boat and bike rentals, and concessions, which, if promoted and implemented system-wide, could provide income — without destroying the nature, serenity and animal habitat people visit our parks to enjoy.

Her response was silence, telling me these public meetings and her request for dialogue are shams. Jeff Wise said as much in the meeting at the Cider Gallery, telling the group that Clinton Lake has a “target” on it. I think it’s a sin that Ms. Craghead and her higher-ups, entrusted with the stewardship of public lands, are so ready to turn them over to private developers.


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