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Letter to the editor: Campus carry site

March 15, 2017


To the editor,

Thank you very much for your continuing coverage of the campus carry issue in Kansas.

As I’m sure your readers know, as of July 1, concealed handguns will be permitted legally at Kansas state colleges and universities. As prospective students and their families decide which school is right for them, it’s important that they have the information they need about campus carry.

I’m pleased that the University of Kansas has an excellent web site,, that explains the law and campus policies and has information specifically for prospective students and families. This page is kind of hard to find from the main page or by searching, so I wanted to call it to your attention, as it is well worth visiting.


Bob Forer 1 year, 3 months ago

is this kinda like asking your doctor if Viagra is right for you.

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