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Affidavit: Kansas City man robbed another man of drugs at gunpoint in a confrontation over tire rims

March 15, 2017


One man was robbed of drugs at gunpoint in rural Douglas County during a confrontation that began with missing tire rims, according to a recently-released arrest affidavit.

Lawrence police officers arrested Eugene Davis, 32, in the early morning hours of March 7, according to the Douglas County Jail's online booking logs. He faces a single, felony charge of attempted aggravated robbery.

Davis is a Kansas City, Mo., resident, but frequently comes to Lawrence, according to his arrest affidavit, which was filed by a sheriff's deputy on Feb. 3 and released to the Journal-World on March 15.

An arrest affidavit is a document filed by law enforcement officers justifying an arrest. Allegations within an affidavit must be proven in court.

Around 3 p.m. on Feb. 2 Davis was riding as a passenger in a car driven by an acquaintance and the pair tailed the car of another man they knew into rural Douglas County, the affidavit says. Within the 1500 block of North 1550 Road, the two cars stopped. Davis and his acquaintance left their car and approached the car they had been following.

When he came to the driver's window, Davis began to yell at the man behind the wheel about missing tire rims, the affidavit says. As the man replied that the rims were at another person's house, Davis drew a black pistol from his jacket and pushed it to the man's head.

The man later told a deputy he believed his life was over at this point, the affidavit says.

Holding the gun to the left side of the man's head, Davis demanded payment and said "he was not playing games," the affidavit says. The man mentioned that someone was calling 911 and soon Davis returned to the rear car and left with his acquaintance.

The acquaintance later told deputies that Davis took drugs from the man before they left, the affidavit says.

Within the hour, a Douglas County sheriff's deputy found the acquaintance and his car within the 1400 block of East 19th Street, the affidavit says. He was arrested and interviewed.

The acquaintance told the deputy he knew Davis wanted to confront the man about tire rims, the affidavit says. He also said that he "knows (Davis) is always armed with a firearm" and that he did what he was told to do because he was afraid.

After Davis put the gun to the man's head and stole his drugs, the acquaintance said, they drove into Lawrence, where Davis gave him the drugs and fled on foot down an alley near 11th and Connecticut streets, the affidavit says.

Davis was arrested more than a month later within the 300 block of Lyon Street. He was booked into the Douglas County Jail and later released after posting a $15,000 bond.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kristen Dymacek declined to release Davis' booking photo, saying the photo is "not required to be disclosed under the Kansas Open Records Act."

Davis pleaded not guilty to the single felony charge. He is scheduled to appear in court this June for a criminal trial.

Depending on his criminal record, Davis could face more than 11 years in prison if he is convicted.


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