Letter to the editor: Practice what we preach

To the editor:

This morning I saw the sign at the Friends’ Meeting House, “Love Thy Neighbor (no exceptions).” If we truly are caring, compassionate people, this slogan must apply even to those we strongly resent. Because many of us disagree so vehemently with President Trump, he offers a valuable opportunity to practice what we preach.

Can’t we show compassion for this obviously flawed human being? If not, we risk becoming a mirror image of what we reject.

We can start by monitoring our own reactions – striving for compassion and good will especially when we feel offended by the actions of others. This begins with those closest to us, and can extend out to state and national leaders. We must not let understandable, righteous anger dominate who we are; we can create within ourselves the kind of world we want to live in.

I certainly don’t mean to suggest that we passively accept what Trump does. We must speak truth to power, over and over if necessary; but I hope we can do that without demeaning the man, his office or his followers.

The recent women’s marches were very positive celebrations of concern and acceptance. I hope that sort of energy will produce positive political action. In the long run positive values will prevail. They must prevail.