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Letter to the editor: Sidewalks secondary

July 11, 2017


To the editor:

The major functions of a city are to provide and maintain infrastructure (roads, water, sewage, etc.) and protection services (fire and police). Sidewalks and bicycle lanes are secondary items. Any money for this purpose should be for maintenance of current sidewalks and bicycles lanes. Old residential neighborhoods that have not had these in the last 50-plus years still do not need them. I live in a neighborhood that is 60-plus years old and does not have or need sidewalks. What we do need is a law requiring cars to park on one side of the street only. What we also need is licensing to cover all vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles AND bicycles) as well as all operators/drivers of said vehicles.


David Holroyd 6 months, 2 weeks ago

The city needs more bike lanes on hills, like 14th , 13th 12th 11th bikes on hills are good exercise, will make the community more healthy . Even our local legislator in topeka with a lower case initial uses a bike on a hill, sometimes pumping and sometimes pushing it...

Bike lanes are really good on narrow streets. It makes senses. And if you are brave enough to ride one, you are taking your life in your hands and may just not get to Christmas for the special gift from Santa.

Where is the bike lane on Iowa street from 6th to 23rd? Better yet, where is the sidewalk on the west side of Iowa from 6th to 9th? Nothing like getting off a bus and wanting to walk south but have to cross the intersection and wander around to get on the sidewalk on the East side. Lawrence has engineers? Lawrence has a planning department?

Where are the employees? What are they doing.

We need more bike paths and sidewalks Mr. Muirhead to get to the affordable housing Mr. Boley is going to provide someplace, sometime, somehow.

Carol Bowen 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Right on, David. Thanks for your examples. There are problems like these all over town.

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