Letter to the editor: Reason for season

To the editor:

If one accepts the poll results published in a recent USA Today that only 46 percent of Americans place any religious connotation to the holiday season; then now is the time for the city, county and public entities to follow the lead of the University of Minnesota dean whose memo to fellow employees outlined acceptable holiday practices. Ban all public displays of lights, Santa, Christmas trees, bow-wrapped gifts, bells, decorations of red, blue, green, silver and white, angels, nativity scenes, menorahs, etc. Keep all parties neutral, food of a general nature, music-nondescript. Stop wasting taxpayer money on these things and use it to set up to report and identify policy offenders and counseling/support services for those who are offended. The city needs to make itself free from inappropriate religious expression, which demonstrate bias against nonbelievers.

The city, county, university and all other public institutions will be safe from any religious iconography and influence, going about their business in an unruffled manner. They should also quit taking time off work as there is no justification for a seasonal break that has no meaning or reason for existence. Get those offices, schools, libraries, etc., open.

“Winter Break” is not the reason for the season.