Letter to the editor: Climate awareness

To the editor:

It seems like summers are hotter, winters are colder, and spring and fall have been getting shorter with each passing year. There has been less rain to cool down the record-breaking heat, no snow to justify the frigid temperatures and even fewer conversations about how we can help stop climate change.

Even if Kansas has yet to see any major implications of climate change, that does not mean that we should sit idly by and watch the world heat up, one degree at a time. We need open conversations within schools and households about the dire consequences of climate change and, most importantly, we need to acknowledge our own shortcomings.

One way we can reduce our carbon footprint is to recycle more and minimize use of Styrofoam and plastics. Another way we can help our environment is to start using public transportation or walk and bike on a more regular basis as opposed to driving alone. One less car on the road can reduce carbon emissions hugely as one car emits six tons of carbon every year. In the recent local election, funding for the transit sale tax passed. This is a step in the right direction, allowing for the continuation of services in mass transportation and, thus, the continuation in our reduction of carbon emissions.

The most important method is to get the conversation started. I cannot stress this enough. Create opportunities to educate yourself and those you interact with. These conversations are helping to bring awareness to people and spur them into action.