Letter to the editor: Strategy for Trump

To the editor:

My wife recently suggested a brilliant tactical move the president should consider, one that would allow him to escape the consequences and the questioning of everything he’s ever said. And isn’t that, after all, what he most wants?

“Why doesn’t he just admit he’s a liar?” she said.

Why not indeed?

Wouldn’t all of America’s factions be able to unite in believing and agreeing with those words from the president?

With those words, wouldn’t the president set himself a standard of leadership at which he would always magnificently succeed?

Wouldn’t those words give him blanket deniability on everything he’s said that made us think he colluded with Putin or groped women or did crooked business deals?

Maybe the president should just announce with a shrug, “Hey, I’m a liar.” It could be a brilliant tactical move for him, and gain him the unique spot in American presidential history he’s always known he deserves.