Letter to the editor: Climate action

To the editor:

Last week I went for a bike ride on the trails by the river — a beautiful and protected place to ride on that day with a strong warm wind from the south. There were many people on bikes and on foot enjoying the woods. The trail was smooth and fast. No deer that day. On the way back, on the trail on the levee, I came upon a small snake wriggling across the trail. It was really quite pretty and graceful. How nice. What a sweet representation of nature.

No, it wasn’t nice at all! This was Nov. 24, and the snake should be sleeping in a comfy spot underground. What on Earth, on this lovely and fragile Earth, was going on? Oh, of course, this was global warming. It’s not a just matter of numbers. The forest by the Kaw River is changing, and the creatures who reside there can like it or lump it. Nearly all climate scientists say Earth is changing and not for the better. But who is causing this drastic and frightening change? Oh. Yes. I know.

Surely something is being done about this evolving tragedy. Surely the people in charge, our congressmen and women, our president, our … secretary of the interior? Head of the EPA? So who else is there? Who can speak up? Who can demand a rational national policy that might, just might, save the earth as we know it for my grandchildren and great grandchildren?

You guessed it! Please DO SOMETHING!