Letter to the editor: Stop and consider

To the editor:

I’m all about energy conservation, the switch to LED lighting and the cost savings for the city. However, the lack of specifics in the American Medical Association warnings against high-intensity, blue light-emitting LED street lighting does not seem to be sufficient justification to move blindly forward without further consideration.

A cursory internet search reveals plenty of different commercial, outdoor LED lighting options with less blue light. A similar search suggests that all light pollution, not just the blue-rich variety, is potentially detrimental to humans, wildlife and ecosystems. Add in KU professor Adrian Mellot’s concerns about road glare reducing pedestrian and bicycle safety, a pause and reconsideration seems a “no-brainer.” And, as a relative newcomer to Lawrence, I appreciate the ability to see the stars at night, something not possible in the well-lit neighborhoods of metropolitan Kansas City.

Perhaps the Lawrence officials should consider lower density, warmer colored LEDs and balance additional costs, if any, with strategic and fewer street light installations.

I’m with Professor Mellot. The city should do its due diligence before proceeding.