Letter to the editor: Free individuals

To the editor:

America’s initial and basic cultural value is individualism, coming from the very reason the colonists came to America and why legal immigrants still come. The colonists came primarily for freedom of religion, from the yoke of dictatorial monarchs, and for economic opportunity. Individualism is the freedom of the individual to create your own future based on your own efforts and beliefs, without the constraints of a tyrannical government.

Therefore, the founders created a unique governmental system in America, with three equal branches of government, all dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual against totalitarianism. The founders granted most powers of government to the states, fearing a strong central government, thus providing individual citizens the most control. Individualism is further evidenced in the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment. This has created boundless individual opportunity, unfettered access to redress, and the greatest free society in the world.

Individualism, or self-reliance, is attacked today by a form of Totalitarian Socialism, creating dependency through victimhood, intolerance for dissenting views, politicized educational system and media.

Are we going to tolerate our culture being negatively changed by allowing our educational system to teach intolerance of free speech; political and media efforts to change or eliminate our constitution confirming our inalienable rights; media bias and irresponsible editorializing trying to change our values; governments’ biased regulating for political advantage; operatives and media efforts to silence opposing views through political correctness, combat in our streets and on campuses?

Your choice: Totalitarian Socialism or Free Individualism!