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Letter to the editor: ‘Christian terrorists’

August 20, 2017


To the editor:

Fox News likes to bash Muslims, and the news organization insists on using the phrase “Muslim terrorists” to describe people like ISIS. This implies that Islam is prone to terrorism. But when white supremacists at the University of Virginia alternated chants of “You will not take us over” with chants of “Jews will not replace us” before driving a car into the counter-protesters assembled at the demonstration last weekend, no one at Fox news used the phrase “Christian terrorists” to describe the white supremacists.


Glen Stovall 7 months ago

"Christian terrorists" is exactly right.And the amount of terrorist activity they commit in our country is very rarely talked about. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about our "Christian" nation having killed between 20 and 30 million people since WWll? I think "christian terrorists" would certainly come to mind.

Brandon Devlin 7 months ago

I would love to see the sources to back that number up. . .I can only imagine where it comes from.

Don Brennaman 7 months ago

I was disappointed easter Sunday when state law forced me to choose between a 3.2% cereal malt beverage and something less potent for a carryout sale. Kansas has a genuine reputation as a business-friendly community. Not on easter. I was willing to spend my money but we have restrictions to Sunday alcohol sales based on religious beliefs and nothing else. On the religious freedom hand we don’t sell wedding cakes to heathens. On the righteously religious hand we have to protect those that aren’t getting the memos. Statutes based on faith are unsustainable and those who support them have no way to defend themselves.

MerriAnnie Smith 7 months ago

But hold on to your hat, because Christians are constantly trying to push unconstitutional laws. They have no respect for our constitution.

Jeremy Smith 7 months ago

I am Christian and I know nobody who is that would join a white supremacist group. I doubt a lot of the people spreading hate are devout, practicing Christians. On the contrary, Muslims praise Allah before they shoot up a room full people. Their religion teaches to take out anyone who is not Muslim. Very big difference.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 7 months ago

White supremacists use the Bible to condone their hate. You know that, I know that. You tell Muslims to reject those radicals who misinterpret the religion and kill in the name of Allah, but you aren't willing to condemn those who use the Bible to spread their hate? Here, listen to one of your radical Christians. Are you going to defend this guy, because he claims to be a Christian?

Chris Golledge 7 months ago

You are painting all Muslims according to the miscreants that call themselves Muslims, and ignoring the miscreants that cal themselves Christians.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

The hysterics on the left side of the aisle have given the neo-Nazis exactly what they wanted, attention.

P Allen Macfarlane 7 months ago

Ignoring extremists certainly worked well for the German government in the late 1920s.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

If you are drawing a comparison from America in 2017 to the Weimar Republic in 1933, you are a few straws short of a whisk broom.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

Why do you say that, Bob? Charlottesville this year evokes in anyone who knows history the Weimar of yesterday. Those who do not see that are, in my opinion, taking a short-sighted view of history. It began with a "leader" who gathered bigots around him, visibly changed the tenor of the laws of the land, procured an ultra-right-wing cadre around him, and resulted in the needless deaths of millions of people, not only Jewish, but of many and varied nationalities and cultures. Oh, yeah, and religion became something completely different that the Christianity that was the nation's background. Other than that, what's different, Bob? Give me some straws for my broom.

P Allen Macfarlane 7 months ago

So, enlighten us as to why this comparison is inappropriate.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

Go read a book. It's not my job to educate you.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

I did, and I have pretty good reading comprehension. Not so much, apparently, you. And, as usual, you proclaimed your ignorance of the subject by not answering. Good job.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

So, let me guess: ignoring Hitler and his would have been better than the "hysterics" that resulted in the downfall of Nazi Germany?

Scott Burkhart 7 months ago

No, I infer from Bob's comment that comparing the United States of 2017 to Nazi Germany of 1933 is stupid. Can you really draw some sort of reasonable similarity, Greg?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 7 months ago

Actually it isn't like 1933 Germany. There are too many of us who will stand up to the bigotry and hatred. There weren't enough of them in Germany to make a difference. We will resist, because it's NOT going to happen here. I'm not afraid of the Nazis and their Militia.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

Stupid is not the word I'd have used, but failure to see the similarities is, at the least, lack of knowledge, and, at most, willful disregard of the lessons of history. You and Bob are not predisposed to any type of logical response, but I will mention several things that parallel one another.

Hitler was never lawfully elected. He and his party disposed of any semblance of civil law regarding human rights. He disposed of Germany's lawful legislative process, judicial process, and dictated the path upon which Germany would embark in its quest to world domination. Those are facts. They led to the racist, dictatorial Germany that we fought vigorously throughout the early 1940s. There are many other contributing factors, including the failure of the majority Germany's population to guard their own rights leading to the removal of rights for most of the population, and the directly resulting deaths of around six million members of one particular religious group, and I don't know how many deaths of people, both military and civilian, in the resulting world war.

It's difficult, Scott, for me to understand how you, and others with whom I've conversed, have such a hard time equating historical facts with current facts. Are we at the same point that Hitler used to take over? Not yet, I hope. But the parallels are astounding in their similarity, and simply refusing to believe that is what could lead to a very similar situation here. A madman in control of nuclear weapons, a political party falling nearly blindly into step with him: What part of that does not concern you? I'd be interested in knowing how you think this is any different.

MerriAnnie Smith 7 months ago

Bob, you'd just love it if everyone would stick their heads in the sand, like you do, and ignore evidence that our country is going down the tubes with Republican leadership.

Yeah, good luck with that one.

Brock Masters 7 months ago

The use of the term "Muslim Terroist" is used to distinguish those of the Islamic faith who use violence from those of the same faith. It is used for the exact opposite reason you state - not to bash Muslims, but to selectively target those who are violent.

The news media doesn't label them Christian terrorist because 1) not all are Christian, 2) their hate is not done in the name of Christianity albeit true that many use the bible to justify their beliefs and 3) they use other labels to identify them which clearly imply the evilness of them.

However, if it makes you feel better then refer to them as Christian terrorists. Makes no difference to true Christians.

While we are at it should the Antifas be called terrorist too - not sure what religious label to attach, but they openly support violence so they are terrorists too.

Remember what King. Jr. Said about violence, "Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral." So, let's forget about labels and just condemn all violence and hate.

MerriAnnie Smith 7 months ago

Baloney, Brock.

They know what they're doing.

Watch how they react in 1 second flat when people do the same thing using the term Christian terrorist.

Christians terrorize women who go for abortions, and they terrorize abortionists. Even kill them when they're in their Christian church on Sunday morning.

But if anybody called them Christian terrorists (because they try to justify their behavior using the Christian Bible) you'd be all over yourself with your resentment of that.

Brock Masters 7 months ago

Too funny. Can't argue with what I said so you use your ability to know the future and accuse me of something I would do when there is no evidence to support it.

I condemn people who commit illegal violent acts and especially those that do it in the name of Christianity.

Anyway, thanks for the chuckle.

Richard Heckler 7 months ago

Trumps antics are doing a good job of distracting we voters from important matters such as the Anti American Dark Money Trail.


This ongoing support for conservatives…. the spenders of large amounts of special interest money is mind numbing. There is no reason for any such activity.

37 years of voting anti american conservative candidates posing as republicans into office has provided what?

--- War on public education

--- War against women

--- War on Voters Rights

--- War On Good Wages aka Right To Work Legislation

--- War On USA Jobs aka Free Trade Agreements and Leveraged Buyout Scams

--- War On Social Security Insurance

--- War On Medicaid

--- War On Medicare

--- War for Oil Control Worldwide

=== Pay close attention to this 24/7 organized activity:

--- How the Koch brothers helped dismantle the Democratic Party

Richard Heckler 7 months ago

I have been wondering why these nazi groups cannot be reined in under a un-american activities law as terrorist groups? Have their assets frozen and confiscated.

Who is funding this activity?

Were the violent players arrested? Seemed to be plenty of footage.

Hopefully an FBI un american activity crew will be assigned.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

Also ask who is funding and directing the antifa.

Stu Clark 6 months, 4 weeks ago

I think the antifa is self-funded. Mainly because they are not pro anything, only anti-fascist.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

"...The list of left-wing violence since President Trump’s inauguration is exhaustive. Riots in Berkeley over Milo’s speech; 21 arrested. The Department of Justice is investigating inciters of the #DisruptJ20 inauguration rioters. Violent protests caused Trump to cancel a campaign stop in Chicago last year. A riot in Portland; 71 arrested. Protesters attacking police in Indianapolis. Riots in Oakland, where an officer injured and a police cruiser vandalized. Local media report: “All was peaceful.” A “Bernie bro,” James Hodgkinson shot Congressman Scalise and four other Republicans in June. Hodgkinson’s rhetoric was extreme and the violence that followed was the natural endpoint. The shooter wrote on Facebook "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” and “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA.” Notably, the national media did not demand Democrat lawmakers one-by-one disavow Hodgkinson and his message. .."

Richard Aronoff 7 months ago

Let's see.......they're called Muslim Terrorists because a) they are Muslim and b) they are terrorists.

What's confusing is every time a Muslim commits an act of terrorism we are told that not all Muslims are terrorists (true) but every time some idiot with a gun commits a crime all guns need to be banned and all gun owners are right wing nuts.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

Double standards everywhere you look.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

If there is any group in America acting out the role of the 1903s Brown Shirts, it is the antifa and their fellow travelers.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

I would agree that they share blame with the Neo-Nazis. Neither is excluded.

Calvin Anders 7 months ago

Bob, the important thing for fascists is to create a nebulous enemy and characterize them as violent and irrational. So, the Trumpster and his fringe followers are creating this "enemy" in Latin immigrants, Muslim immigrants, LGBTQ and non-Caucasians in general. The white nationalists are the Brown Shirts and the Antifa are those working against the fascists. Antifi literally stands for anti fascist. Have we really gotten to the place where an assertive stand against neo-Nazi hate and fascism is vilified as "the problem"? Have we really gotten to the point where white nationalists can kill those who stand against them and half our country will try to blame those who gave their lives standing against hatred? I think it can be argued that we have. We may not be quite to the Weimar Republic stage of the game, but it's pretty hard to deny that there are some parallels. And if you can't acknowledge that, Bob, then you are the one who needs to "go read a book".

Bob Smith 7 months ago

You're like a toddler holding his hands over his ears and shouting, LA LA, LA, I CAN"T HEAR YOU! The antifa are brothers in arms with the shades of Mussolini's Black Shirts. And the resemblance is much more than their fashion choices.

Greg Cooper 7 months ago

So what, Bob? The point is that none of this "terrorist" or illegal action is supportable. The point is that there is a reason that this mini-war is happening. The point is that Chump and his "followers" have fomented the illusion of patriotism around a racist, bigoted belief in the superiority of a very few Americans who haven't a damned care of any kind for anyone but themselves. That's the point, and pussyfooting around it by placing blame on one side or the other is wrongheaded disregard of historical and current trends.

Calvin Anders 7 months ago

Oh, that's right, because it was the anti-fascists who put Mussolini in power and it's the anti-fascists who are trying to villify minorities and discredit and marginalize the media today. What a bunch of idiotic alt-right revisionist BS. Parroting ridiculous claims made by silly alt-right conspiracy sites doesn't make one seem clever Bob. I makes one seem like a sheep. That comparison is about as well researched and well reasoned as Trumpster's long time claim that Obama was not born in the United States.

Bob Smith 7 months ago

Here's the truth that escapes Calvin, the people who call themselves antifa are actually fascists.

Scott Burkhart 7 months ago

It just shows how much you watch FoxNews. I don't think I have ever heard them use the term "Muslim Terrorists." The term of preference is "Radical Islamic Terrorists" which is a good label for the murderous scum that they are.

MerriAnnie Smith 7 months ago

Thank you, Craig Voorhees.

Something many of us have noticed, but some deny.

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