Letter to the editor: Gratitude for kindness

To the editor:

As I was going down from 15th to Vermont Street, my bicycle was attacked by loose gravel, stripped of its traction, leaving me gravely injured. The very first travelers took pity on me, and two young men lifted me from the street and brought me to the curb, while the driver/presumed mother summoned my wife by cellphone. They were quite prepared to stay by me until she came, but I persuaded them that I’d be fine. Unfortunately, I retained only the name of the driver, Chris. During my wait, a passing student retrieved my helmet, which had rolled into the street. A local resident, Cara Connelly, soon emerged to offer multiple forms of succor, of which the most useful were a cane, giving me two points of balance, and pleasant conversation, until my wife arrived. These two angels were joined by a passing student, Elijah Houk, in an unsuccessful effort to get me and my leg into the car. Within minutes, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical arrived to put me on their own stretcher and brought me to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for a week of excellent care. Everyone was kind and caring. Thank you all. May we all go and do likewise.