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Letter to the editor: ‘Brought to you by’

August 9, 2017


To the editor:

“Our coverage this week is brought to you by KU Bookstore — go check out their latest KU gear and follow them on Twitter at @KUBookstore — and you’ll want to check back with the site often throughout the next eight days for videos, blogs, photos and updates from the Jayhawks’ journey on Italian soil.” (Journal-World Aug. 1, 2017, page 1D.)

What’s next? An article about a new fried chicken place on south Iowa Street sponsored by a new fried chicken place on south Iowa Street?


Bob Smith 8 months, 2 weeks ago

The line between news content and advertising is becoming more blurred.

Mike Reid 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I am amazed you have never seen advertising before, or sponsors of news. There is nothing hidden, the LJW states up front that the KU Bookstore is paying for the coverage of the oversea trip. Your attempt to compare this with a chicken restaurant promoting another chicken restaurant isn't even similar. If you did not want to see additional coverage by the LJW on the trip, you did not have to go to the KU Bookstores twitter site.

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