Letter to the editor: Good school board

April 21, 2017


To the editor:

I say taxpayers in USD 497 should be thankful for a school board that steps up to make use of our existing resources as opposed to demolishing our taxpayer-owned facilities.

Taxpayers should be thankful for a board that has taken the initiative to actually extend the life of taxpayer-owned facilities — as opposed to a board that wanted to tear down taxpayer buildings, then build giant new buildings at taxpayer expense that would facilitate a less than desirable learning experience.

Neighborhood schools help keep neighborhoods alive and active. Good job, school board. Rehab and reuse is fiscally responsible.

Public education keeps our tax dollars coming home to help generate economic growth that generates local employment.


Richard Heckler 1 year, 1 month ago

MEANWHILE Kansas citizens should organize to demand that we the Kansas taxpayers want our public education system back as it was prior to any budget cuts. Presented as a referendum subject to ballot approval on a November 2017 0r 2018 ballot. PRINT A SPECIAL BALLOT IF NECESSARY.

Further the ballot should include reinstatement of all taxes prior to any budget cuts and payment of all back taxes that have accrued since 2007. This reimbursement will and or can be applied to wages of the teaching staff.

Further the reinstatement of any union rights should also declared on this document iF such applies.

Further any changes or funding to the public education system must be approved by voters of the state of Kansas no matter what. We

The Kansas Taxpayers understand we are the owners of our public education system which therefore designates the Kansas Taxpayers as the final authority.

We The Kansas Taxpayers Accept Our Responsibility as the Public Education Final Authority for the next 500 years.

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