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Letter to the editor: Justice Matters’ tactics are divisive

April 19, 2017


To the editor:

I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by Scott Morgan and Tracy Kihm regarding the Justice Matters organization.

In 20 years here in Lawrence I have supported more than one of the causes espoused by the organization with large amounts of time and significant amounts of money and know there is still much more work to be done. Yet when I opened the Journal-World to the full-page ads placed by Justice Matters, all I saw was a message that said “If you do not support us you must be the enemy.”

If we are to achieve real justice, we need to bring everyone to the table and not promote more divisiveness. I will continue to support these causes but will not be able to support the Justice Matters organization.


Bob Smith 4 days, 8 hours ago

Are they still shaking down businesses for donations to avoid boycotts? That's getting awfully close to extortion.

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