Letter to the editor: Not entry level

April 18, 2017

To the editor:

Maybe he’s learning.

We’ve heard this a few times in the less than 100 days Trump has been in the White House. We heard it when he successfully read a teleprompter at his speech to the joint session. We heard it when he ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to strike an airfield in Syria. And we heard it again when he dropped the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan.

Maybe he’s learning.

Regardless of whether you believe this (I happen not to) the salient fact here is that the position of president of the United States is not one where you learn “on the job.” It’s the top of the line, the ultimate promotion. It is the culmination of a career spent training to be a world leader. It is not an entry-level position.

I don’t want an entry-level president. I don’t want the nuclear codes in the hands of a man who orders an air strike while eating a “beautiful” piece of chocolate cake. I don’t want a man who didn’t know that diplomacy was “not so easy” to be in charge of foreign relations. I don’t want a president who didn’t know health care could be “so complicated” in charge of health care. I don’t want a president whose sole ideology is self-interest to be in control of the welfare of our citizens or our environment. An entry-level president places not only our country but the entire world in grave danger.

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