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Letter: Trump-speak

February 25, 2016


To the editor:

Frankly, I hope Republicans nominate Donald Trump. Maybe embarrassment will bring the party of Lincoln back to sanity.

But seriously, do we want a president who will say anything? When I was a teenager, I heard about a construction worker on the Sears Tower who picked up a sheet of plywood and was blown off the side. He hung on and landed a mile away in Lake Michigan. Is that “fact”?

So, Trump is telling the myth that “Black Jack” Pershing had 49 Filipino Muslim terrorists shot with bullets soaked in pig blood like it is history. And he’s selling the lesson that it takes tough guys, like Black Jack, who can use terror against the bad guys. “By the way,” he says, “this is something you can read in the history books. Not a lot of history books, because they don’t like teaching this.” What history books? Putting aside his slander of Gen. Pershing, I’m not sure what is more insulting, that he thinks we’ll believe Muslims are that stupid, or that we’re dumb enough to accept myth in place of history? He didn’t get this from a history book, assuming he knows what one is.

Do you want this guy sitting by the “red” telephone? After his string of debauches: Mexican rapists, Megyn Kelly “bleeding,” McCain the “loser” in a North Vietnamese prison, Pope Francis not knowing what’s Christian and now this. Have I missed any? Shame on the GOP, even in Kansas.


Richard Heckler 2 years ago

Bernie Sanders is still in the running no matter how hard mainstream media tries to convince the public otherwise...

The schedule for early March heavily favors Clinton. But from March 22 on, things look considerably more favorable for Sanders, and a string of primaries and caucuses could provide him with a chance to rack up a series of consecutive wins. If that happens, we could see an ever-tightening race to the finish. This is a long way from over.

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