Letter: Frightening thought

To the editor:

I got a laugh out of Stephen Ware’s comments that the current Kansas judicial selection system is “undemocratic, extreme and secretive” and that “(i)n a democracy, everybody’s vote ought to be worth the same.” (Journal-World, Feb. 4).

Tell you what, Mr. Ware, the next time you go into the hospital for brain surgery, we’ll let the managers of the concessions shops in the lobby vote on which doctor you’ll get. 

I, too, am an attorney, and although I’m not particularly proud of it, neither am I ashamed of it. It’s a job that requires specialized training and knowledge, just like most others. I don’t know anything about plumbing and I would guess most plumbers don’t know much about the legal system. And that’s fine. We rely on the other’s specialized skills.

Do you really want a one-issue right-wing ideologue like Sam Brownback to have the power to choose our Supreme Court justices? The thought frightens me.