Letter to the editor: Free speech at KU

Lawrence Journal-World opinion section

To the editor:

The Kansas University administration is working hard to acquire the power to put any faculty member on indefinite “leave without pay” for any reason they can dream up, at any time. Their unending stream of blatant and subtle provisions in their Code of Faculty Conduct rewrites now before the Senate would simply gut what’s left of free speech and academic freedom at KU.

The top employment attorney in the state has accordingly advised the faculty not to agree to the administration’s proposed changes and stay under the existing code if the offending provisions are retained.

This topic will be debated over the next two Thursday afternoons in public Senate meetings from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in 203 Green Hall. If this issue concerns you, we ask you to please consider reading more about the subject on the Kansas AAUP Facebook page and joining the few, determined AAUP members in speaking out before yet more irreparable damage is done to this institution we know and love.