Letter: Sitcom-style plot

To the editor:

My recent experience witnessing the attempted “overthrow” of the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association (ELNA) board member election Monday night was like a scene from the sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” If it hadn’t actually happened you would have giggled at the premise.

The basic story line went something like this: A group of East Lawrence residents banded together to seek election and seed the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association with new members who were expressively in support of all Ninth Street/Arts District development. On the other side of this local sitcom were the ol’ school ELNA board members, some new to the board but mostly long-term members who have been serving, protecting and advocating for our unique community well before it became a brochure’s “before shot.”

Gratefully, this sitcom-come-to-life ends happily with long voting lines full of friends and neighbors, a rag-tag celebration of solidarity in support of our amazing ELNA board members. Their re-election — our collective affirmation! Our appreciation was manifest Monday. The experience made me LOVE East Lawrence even more — with or without the East Ninth Street corridor.